Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It has literally been raining/hailing/combo-ing allllll day today. Part of me knows that we need the rain (it was a pretty dry winter and so far spring has been just as Sahara-ish) but the selfish part of me wants it to just.go.away. I have a 7 mile run tonight and I would prefer not to freeze to death. Rainy and 70 degrees is different than the rainy and 37 degrees we are stuck with today.

Okay enough of a rant....let's talk about life happenings. Really, there is not too much excitement. Yesterday, after work, Ken and I went to Costco (okay-I was wrong, that is EXCITING!). I am usually a hater of all things shopping but I was totally in the mood to browse (this happens once a year). We wandered around looking for fun things and came across way too many! Here are some of the things we walked away with:

*Rotisserie Chicken....because they are amazing and we were STARVING!

*Nutella...because it is amazing on warm homemade bread...or your finger ;-)
*Spring salad mix...because we have to balance out the Nutella!

(Not really exciting enough to put a picture of)

*Frozen Mahi Mahi....because sometimes I forget dinner happens everyday and I need something to pull out of the freezer and cook! They look prettier whole ;-)

*A GIANT bag of frozen peas....because we eat a ton of them and Ken LOVES them!

*Mushrooms...because we love omelets!

*Chips and salsa and CHEESE...because we are having Taco Night on Friday!

*Ice cream....because it is ice cream!!! We love the Kirkland brand-super creamy and delicious. And the ingredients are stellar!!

It is always super fun shopping with Ken...that's why I love him!

Once we got home and ate...and had a root beer float (snicker snicker)...we turned on my fave show. It is called "how to lose weight the UNhealthy way" aka: the Biggest Loser. Don't get me wrong, I totally still watch it-but I would never recommend that approach to anyone-it is for TV after all.

On the commercial breaks, I unpacked from my trip and then went to bed...I'm a real party animal, I know!
Off to finish up working and then headed to Sprouts and Sunflower before running!! Survivor night!!!!

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