Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Went back back to Cali Cali

Okay, I know that I said that I would blog in Cali...but I just couldn't. Sorry. Too much fun to be had!

Friday morning I hopped out of bed at 4:15 and headed to the airport. I kind of hate flying so that was fun :-/ I arrived at 8:something at LAX and was happy to see my Mom there to pick me up. Squeals of excitement may have been occurred. We drove home in the oh.so.lovely traffic. My bad with the scheduling-BUT I wanted as much time there as possible.

When we got to the house, I didn't even take my bags out of the car. I just stood there as she opened the door and the dogs came FLYING out to greet me. It had almost been 2 years since I had been home and we were not sure if they would remember me. Um....yes...they did! Rusty spent 10 minutes attacking me. When he was calm enough for me to go inside, I had tons of slobber and even some bruises on my arms. Nothing like being loved by a Vizsla! Jack Daniels was excited too-but he is too cool to go bonkers.



 After some wandering around and seeing new things at home, we headed to **In-N-Out* for lunch. So good! On the way home, my Mom dropped me off at Jeff and Karina's so I could meet Jillian (the main purpose of the trip!). She is absolutely GORGEOUS. Such a sweetheart. Everyone is asking if I have pictures...well, not too many....seeing as every time I was near her, I scooped her up into my arms and wouldn't give her back! Hey...don't judge!

 The rest of the evening was filled with a hike, some dinner and a trip to target and then falling asleep on the couch-shocker. Rusty decided that he should sleep with me in the twin bed. It was awesome.

Saturday morning I got up and ran 7 miles-it was AWESOME running at low altitude...so much oxygen in the air! Then I met up with my mom and we went on a 3ish mile hike with the pups. So fun!! When we got back, they looked like this:


Post-showering my Mom and I headed up to Sport Chalet to do some running clothes shopping. Seriously, everyone I know has worked there-so it is kind of like home. I traveled all the way back to find some shorts! Thanks Mom :-) After lunch, I got to have more baby time....every day I was there I got baby time!! Dear Jillian, you make my heart melt! *Please start sleeping more at night! Love, Aunt LeeAnn. My Mom and I went home and hung out for a while before J, K and J came over for dinner! Twice in one day!!!

Again I fell asleep on the couch. This time, Rusty AND Jack slept with me..in the twin bed..even more awesome!

Sunday I was a slacker and didn't get up for church. Instead, we had a lovely breakfast before heading out on another hike. Felt so good! When I got out of the shower after our trek, Alle was home! So we loaded into the car and went on a shopping extravaganza!! I pretty much hate clothes shopping, so I have not done any in 2 years. Luckily, Alle and my Mom were able to keep me under control and I didn't run out of the store screaming. Thanks guys!! And for the Pinkberry and spoiling too!

When we made it home, we started prepping for our Mother's Day party. We had some friends over and enjoyed way too much delicious food. J, K and J stopped by and (again) I stole her and wouldn't share. I am terrible...oh well-my logic was-I am leaving in a day-you guys can see her whenever! I won ;-) Around 7, everyone left and Alle, my Mom and I hung out for the rest of the evening. I felt so blessed to be able to hang out with my Mom on Mother's Day...such good timing Jillian!!

Monday morning (the dreaded last day!!)- Again, the dogs had slept with me (which is code for-I didn't sleep a whole heck of a lot). But...I was excited to be up early because I was meeting Millicent for breakfast at 7!! It was awesome hanging out and chatting about things going on in our lives....work, family, potential children someday..haha!. It was fantastic!!! After consuming too much amazingness at Mimi's Cafe, I made one last stop at Trader Joe's before going home to pack. Somehow (by the grace of God) I fit everything back into my carry-on and backpack. I have NO IDEA how it all fit. They each weighed about 75 pounds (or maybe 30). I had to say goodbye to the pups (devastating) and then got to spend the rest of the day with Karina and Jillian. And then I had to say goodbye to the humans (even more devastating!). I am going to miss everyone so much!!

Because I am not a complete jerk:


Alle dropped me off at LAX, I had a horrifically bumpy ride home (but fast!) and then I got to crawl into bed with my boys. What an amazing way to end a great trip. 

Just got the next few weeks of my running schedule... it is going to get pretty exciting :-D

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