Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Training Plan

Today I received my running training plan through October. Yup…all the way through the marathon. I won’t lie…I have been waiting patiently since yesterday afternoon when I was told that it was done. Kind of like a kid at Christmas!

The first thing I did was open the document and read the entire thing. My first thought was, wow, that seems like a long ways away…and then as I went through week by week, I thought-wow-that is NOT a long time…to get to 26.2 miles! Haha!

The plan looks awesome. My coach, Erin, of LoCO Fit is amazing. She makes sure that I will not overdo it and plans just the right amount of rest time. I used to hate rest weeks, now I am excited when they come around!!

Before we get any further…here is a cute picture of Jasper stalking a bunny during our walk on Monday evening. Don’t worry-he doesn’t catch them…he just likes the chase! …


He honestly stood there for about a minute (maybe more) with his front legs crossed-chillin’. My crazy Vizsla!! How I love him.

Yesterday after I picked up Ken, we ran about 825 errands (okay really only 5, but on a Tuesday after work, it seemed like forever).

First, we picked up my race packet for Monday’s Bolder Boulder. I am super excited for that 7:08 am start time! Yes, that was sarcasm.

Second, we visited Home Depot for some acetone (super fun).

Third, we hit up Heaven Sprouts for some weekly goodies (power bar supplies!).

Fourth, we visited Disneyland Costco. It was just as great as always, but lacked in the sample department. Let’s face it, it was 6:15 and we were STARVING. And we got a rotisserie chicken that smelled amazing…bad combo!

Our fifth and final stop was at Errin’s to pick up some Trader Joe’s goodies that she picked up while in ABQ for a volleyball tournament. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

Once we made it home we “speed cooked.” This involved opening the chicken, throwing peas in the microwave and heating up leftover mashed potatoes. Instant dinner…hit the spot!!

While I was doing dishes/making power bars/making calzone dough in the bread maker, we watched the Biggest Loser Finale. It was great. Super excited for the sisters!! We also got sucked into The Voice…and this happened…


Oh sweet puppy love. He makes for a great cuddle buddy!! And then we showered and went to bed. The end!

Today we slept in until 6:30-such rebels. We are thinking that we are going to start getting up to workout before work (and Ken is thinking of doing double days). Should be a good time…wink wink.

Going to run with the run club tonight!! Woohoo!!

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