Thursday, May 12, 2011

Running in Rain

I love running (duh) and I like rain....but I am thinking that maybe I don't like running+rain. Maybe if I was somewhere tropical and warm...maybe. Definitely NOT in 35 degrees with wind.

Last night I set out on my run with Jasper at about 6:25. I had to make some grocery stops on the way home and they took much longer than expected so we were late. Ken had ridden home and his mad dash for a hot shower gave me some indication of what I was in for. I was already in a cranky mood because I was less than excited with the idea of freezing my butt off (which I more than did). About 12.7 feet into the run I was ready to be done. Literally. The idea of going any farther was dreadful. But alas....

The first mile was a warm up and was not TERRIBLE. I managed to get KIND OF warm. As soon as that mile passed, I started my first of 2 - 2 miles of tempo running. This meant that I was aiming for about a 7:45 min/mile pace. Easier said than done. Jasper was NOT thrilled with the rain and continued to act like a punk pull on his leash and dash in front of my to avoid puddles. It was like an obstacle course that I was dragging along with me! The rain was literally hitting us in the face as it came sideways with the wind. Not to mention the shoes weighed about 27 pounds each! When we reached the end of those horrific 2 miles, we got a little rest. Originally it was going to be 2 minutes, but after 1 minute my legs started to get tight and I decided we were just going to start the second. This one was worse (was that possible?). Jasper knew we had turned back towards home and he just wanted to be done...NOW! My legs literally felt as if the were giant sticks that were going to break. My knees got stiff, my quads ached....I was a Popsicle!

Our 2 minute rest was again cut down to 1 before we began our final 1 mile of tempo. We ran towards home and I dropped Jasper off to Ken before heading out for a mile "cool down." I was pretty much the cool down was kind of interesting. When I got back-I just wanted to die take a shower and warm up. I HATED the run while I was doing it, but today I feel like I accomplished something! It was the mentally hardest run I have ever done! We ended up with 7 miles in about 59 minutes (not too shabby).

Let's talk are going to love this! Keep in mind: My legs were COMPLETELY hair was soaked (even with a hat), my fingers were blue (even with gloves) and my top was soaked from sweat under my layer of warm and waterproof. My body was SO red that it looked sunburned. Who does this?! When I hopped in the shower I could not feel anything. Like for real-the water was hitting me?  I couldn't tell you if it was hot or cold or on for that matter. As I regained some feeling, I noticed that the water was frigid because it was rinsing out my frozen hair-awesome! I remember feeling some warmth..that was nice...but all of a sudden my legs started to BURN!!! OUCH!! It took all I had to not jump out of there!! They were itchy and burning and felt terrible...because feeling and blood was returning to them. Boy did that not feel great! I hurried my butt up just to be away from the water. I threw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt and headed downstairs where Ken was sweet and covered my with blankets while he got dinner ready (awwweeee!).

I managed to recover enough to eat...somehow ;-) And that is my epic story-do I want to do it again...NOPE. Will I at some point? Probably. Do I recommend that you do it? Not on your life! haha!

Today it is cold and rainy...again! Ken is going to ride and I am jumping for joy happy that it is a rest day!

Sorry for the lack of pictures-hopefully I painted some good ones for you!

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