Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s a Friday…who cares about the number

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!! I am pretty excited that the “end of the work week” is here. Yes, I do work Sundays…but I LOVE Saturdays!

I am also very happy to report that it is sunny and warm and gorgeous out today. FINALLY. We had icky weather for about 3 days-no bueno! I am excited that I get to run this afternoon.

Let’s see, yesterday….it was gloomy and cold and rainy and we lost the top of the flatirons…


Luckily they are back today!

But anyways, I spent the day working and being huddled inside. It was my nice long 13 hour day…always a blast :-/ I guess the weather made it easier to be inside instead of wanting to be outside (like I do today).

Tonight we have a high school buddy coming over for dinner…Taco Night! She is bringing a mystery dessert and BEGGED (okay maybe just asked) to bring Trivial Pursuit. I am kind of nervous to see how that goes! I asked if she wanted to run my 3 to 4 miles with me but she decided to stick with her 2 at the gym…Wuss..hehe jk

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day…because I get to run 15 miles! Woohoo. It will be my first LONG run in a while and I cannot wait. The added bonus is I get to run with a friend (and a friend of hers) for the first part. It is always nice to have company for at least part of a run that long!

In my running processing, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I am going to back out of the Vail Pass Half Marathon. It is a pretty brutal race and is mostly uphill. That would be fine…but I have not trained uphill and I am doing a fast 10k the weekend before-so I am mostly training for that one. Instead, I am thinking I will join Lauren and do the 10k trail race for fun! And then…do a half marathon in August (it happens to end right next to my fave pizza place)-oh my motives!

Ken is going to be riding tomorrow with Tim-I am anticipating a tired husband for the rest of the weekend…seeing as he is tired already…all that hard training. Love it!

And just because I love him, here is Jasper sulking in the car because the dog park was too wet and rainy yesterday….


So sad Sad smile

Oh…I am blogging with Windows Live Writer for the first time today…mixed feelings so far-but thinking that is because it is new. Let me know if you have any pointers!

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