Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I committed

So I did it..today I registered for the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon in October. I signed my life away-okay, that is dramatic…but it means I can’t back out now! With that being said, my awesome coach Erin is sending my my plan for the rest of the summer through October. That shall be exciting!!

Okay…onto the weekend recap:

Friday night…I went to graduation for Monarch High School and cheered for some of my favorite seniors. Then I went home and fell asleep on the couch. **OH! Ken made dinner!!! He grilled halibut, grilled corn and brown rice. It was DELICIOUS and I think he should cook more *wink wink.*

Saturday…Ken headed down to Golden to ride and I stayed home to get some much needed work done around the house. Jasper and I managed to get our 5 mile run in and do some core work. I LOVE the shock collar-I don’t even have to use it-he just knows to be on his best behavior!!

When Ken got home, we both got showered and ready to head out for a day of graduation parties. Really-from about 1:45 to 6ish (I think) we were hanging around….EATING! I seriously had a burger..then BBQ….then tacos. Oh my! The last party was a “grown up” party. It was great chatting with people our age and enjoying some Sangria. Yum! I took a carrot cake to this party….and people kind of inhaled it! Tasty!!

We rented No Strings Attached and laughed our evening away. It was nice to relax.

Sunday…Church and then a fundraiser at Outback Steakhouse (long morning). The students did awesome serving. So much fun. Not to mention the delicious food!! We followed that up with some more parties. Whew! Parties are tiring!! Jasper was good staying by himself both days…me=happy fur-momma.

I don’t even remember what we did the rest of the afternoon-was I awake for that? Oh-we went on a walk with Jasper and it was great! And we worked out in the yard. Then we had smoothies for dinner (second night in a row) and watched Celebrity Apprentice. Yeah John Rich!!!

Monday….oh Monday…How I missed you! I took yesterday off from going into work in order to transform my house from disaster into HGTV worthy. Okay…clean anyways! It was GREAT scrubbing and vacuuming and organizing. I think it had been about a month since I did a good job cleaning. Life has just been insane!! I also got to do mile repeats…and it was nice out!! Score!

Here is what Jasper did…

Basked in the sun….


And slept in the clean warm blanket….


It is a rough life being him.

And now it is Tuesday and it is stormy looking out there…again. Thank goodness it is a rest day.

Busy evening of errands ahead…and maybe some Biggest Loser Finale?!

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