Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Recap: Part 3

Ran lots of errands, played with a cat, did 20 minutes of yoga (hello boo-tay!), work!

Who would have thought that it would take me three parts to share one weekend? it is...the final part of the trilogy.

Sunday was the first mountain bike race of the season. It was in Colorado Springs...a nice hour and 45 minute drive. Thankfully Ken's race was not until 11:30! It was an early morning in our household as I got up and made everyone Ken's pre-race meal. Scrambled eggs, bacon and muffins or bagels. Breakfast of champions! Literally ;-) We all piled into vehicles and made the trek down to the Springs. As we drove we noticed the wind creeping in. Boo!

We arrived to find Errin and Colin in the parking lot (he raced at 8 and they stayed in the Springs the night before-we will call it the start of their honeymoon-pre-Hawaii). Colin explained the course and then we made our way to the podium for this....

Third place finish!! So awesome :-) What a way to finish up your wedding weekend, huh?
After freezing our behinds off a little in the wind, Ken's race finally began. He maybe crashed a little in his pre-race lap and started out bleeding-luckily the only extra blood came from rubbing his leg on a part of his bike. I won't lie, I didn't do a great job of knowing who was in his race group and as he went by, I kept telling him he was in third. In reality, as I found out when he finished, he was in first! Yay Husband!!

 Jasper was very supportive...


 Ride faster!!!

 I enjoyed my water bottle duties as usual and made many new friends....It was great having our families there!

First place in the first race...a good place to start!

After Ken's race and podium, we stayed a little longer to watch our buddy, Tim, compete in the Pro Race. He did excellent and finished 5th overall! Congrats Tim! You can check him out here!

The drive home was nice and cozy in the warm truck and after some errands we all headed to 3 Margaritas for some dinner. So tasty! Dinner was followed by bedtime (waking up in the 4:00 hour means going to bed early!)

And that was the weekend! Sad when everyone left, but we all had a marvelous time :-) Thanks for all the pictures Dad ;-)

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