Friday, April 22, 2011

Three Cheers for Uncertainty

Happy Good Friday everyone!! Hope you are all preparing your hearts for Easter and the true meaning behind the celebration. And I hope you are preparing your stomachs for the meals and seriously ridiculous amounts of sugar you are likely to consume. Just saying ;-)

So, in order to justify eating 17 pounds of food try to reach my goal time for Bolder Boulder qualifying I am racing again tomorrow. Initially I was planning on doing that Mud Hen race, BUT my friend Kelly messaged me last night about a race she is doing tomorrow called the Boulder Distance Classic. There are a few different lengths of races going that day. There is a 5k and a 15k (she is doing the 15k-or 9.3ish miles). To be honest, my first thought was sweet! Longer!! But then reality sunk in and I was like...hmmmm fast LONGER. So I did what every psychotic runner does and stalked the qualification grid. In order to be in my desired wave I have to run a 7:25 average for the 5k or a 7:56 average for the 15k. For good reason....the 15k is 3 times as long as the 15k. But I LIKE longer runs....ahhhhh!

I am still up in the air on this one. I have pretty much decided to to the Classic race (partly because it is on dirt and that is what I train on and partly to be with my friend Kelly). But distance? Your guess is as good as mine at this point. I have until 5pm today to make that call. I have an email in to my awesome coach and am hoping that she has some good feedback for me. Longer at a slower pace, Shorter at a faster pace. Decisions Decisions!! I will let you know or maybe leave it for a surprise :-D

In other news....I am stoked for Sunday! Following Easter services Lauren and I are going to run Walker Ranch Loop. Last year, it was the longest run I had ever done at 8ish miles of trail. It is funny going into it thinking that it is just another run (the day after a 3 or 9 mile race). It makes me feel like I am one step up from a wanna-be runner. Success! I am also working on a food menu for Sunday and its gonna be delish. Better run hard so I can eat everything! 

One downside to Sunday is that I have to be at Church sooooo early! This would be fine any other day, BUT what about the Easter egg hunt?! The past 2 years I have put out eggs and baskets for Ken (and Jasper) but I dont think I am going to want to get up at 4 to set it up :-(  Makes me a little sad...maybe we will do a Monday hunt? We shall see how it goes! 

Here are a couple pics from last years hunt....

Oh man....looking at those I have to do it ;-)

Happy Easter :-)

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  1. So much going on:-)) Love these pics!!! Love ya!