Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and beyond....

And now for the real Easter talk. Sunday morning my alarm went off at 5:30 (and I went to bed really late the night before). Fun. Any other day I would have been in a bad mood! But it was EASTER.

The first thing I did was start my homemade chocolate pie. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, yeah? As that cooked, I tossed together the ingredients for an oven baked pancake and threw some bacon in a pan. Classy. I DID, however, manage to take Ken coffee in bed...and he did tell Jasper that I am such a good wife and mom. Melt my heart :-)

A little while later, the boys came down the stairs to begin their "hunt." Jasper came trotting down with a bright pink egg in his mouth. So proud! Here are a couple of my fave "hunt" pictures....

So close...hehehe...Actually, this is when Jasper found KEN'S basket. I think that is cheating. Nose!!

How cute is this?

He loved every minute and found all of his eggs!

 How I love my little family.

After breakfast and throwing my stuff together, I made a mad dash out the door (I was only 1 minute late- 7:51 on the dot!). I was at church for both services and happy to have Ken, Lauren, Errin, Tim and Colin at the second. The true meaning of the Easter season is so powerful....and it was great sharing that with the people I love.

When we finished at church, the 6 of us headed towards the mountains. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then the boys went to their trail head as we drove up to ours. Lauren, Errin, Jasper, Moki and I did the Walker Ranch loop. I forgot my watch, but it is about 8 miles. We all had a BLAST (especially the dogs!). We all stayed together running and hiking when necessary. Errin did great! We are totally going to turn her into a runner ;-) We passed the guys once as we headed up out of the valley to the car (as it snowed on us). The boys had a HARD ride. But one that they seemed to enjoy. So much fun!!!

Back at the house, dinner prep began. We had enough appetizers to feed a small village (or the 6 of us). So delicious. Here was the spread...

Appetizers: Veggie plate, homemade hummus (x2), fruit tray, deviled eggs (Lauren and Tim's chickens!), Brie cheese and crackers.

Meal: Ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, brussel sprouts, rolls

Dessert: Apple and goat cheese tart (AMAZING) and chocolate pie with ice cream.

Everything was amazing! And the company was even better!!!! We had a complete blast hanging out with our Colorado family. How truly blessed we are :-)

Yesterday morning I played clean up. Finished some dishes, put furniture back and just did my normal Monday thing. Jasper was a little bit tired from his Easter festivities...

All morning long.....

I finally pulled him off the couch for a little 4 mile run and he felt much better when we had finished. He then accompanied me to church for work and running some other errands. I love my Mondays so much!

Now onto the rest of the work week and looking forward to camping in Fruita for a little mountain bike racing next weekend!!

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