Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change of Plans

I am basically beyond excited to be an aunt. I have already booked tickets for Mother's Day weekend because that is the next possible moment I could leave. I am still waiting for pictures, I have seen 2...and she is beautiful. I guess they have more important things to do than upload photos ;-) 

This weekend was on the slates to be a nice, relaxing weekend. Saturday was going to be a sleep late, lazy morning....but that all changed. Why, you ask? Because I am a nut and am signing up for another 5k to try to make the elusive 23:10. To be 100% honest, I have not ACTUALLY signed up yet. I am really nervous about NOT making the time again. My legs are a little tired and I have a cold (or allergies?) so as of now I don't feel awesomely ready. But time is short before the Bolder Boulder and it is go-time!

The race I am registering for is the Mud Hen 5k. I happen to run the most oddly named races....Holy Cow Trail Stampede, Eagle's Heart, Mud Hen....only in Colorado I tell ya!

It is my first non-out and back 5k and to be honest I kind of like that. We will get to run around a lake...not that I will see much of it. And apparently there will be birds...blech! Not my cup of tea  :-/ 

I better not be like this guy...and get off my boo-tay!
Then, Sunday I have to be at Church at 7:50 to get ready for the Easter Services. Woohoo! haha. Another sleepless weekend. I am very excited, though, because afterward I get to run with Lauren! Yay for trail running :-D Plus...dinner should be awesome too-still working on the menu. Ham vs Turkey. Green bean casserole vs Asparagus....decisions decisions! Now I just need to make it through this week-I may need another box of tissues!

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