Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Change my status to aunt!

So, first off, this weekend was a mixture of great, busy and disappointing. 

Saturday was my race and Ken and I were up bright and early to head to Longmont. My warm up felt good, I felt good and it was perfect race temperature. The Eagle's Heart 5k is put on by the local boyscouts and it was a lovely course. Flat, boring...should have been fast. So the good: I finished first in my age group and 2nd for women....the bad: I didn't meet my time goal-I was about a minute too slow. The funny thing is, I am totally capable or running a 23:10....I completely went out way too hard. There was no reason to run in the 6 min./mile range. Dumby. In the end it was a great workout and I learned a lot. Check out my boyscout bling...

After the awards ceremony, Ken and I hopped in the truck with Jasper and headed to Golden to hang out with Tim and Lauren. As punishment for not meeting my time goal For fun Lauren and I went out for a 6 mile trail run (I was pretty darned tired after that) and the boys hit up the mountains on their bikes for a while in preparation for the next days race. We had another friend (who went to high school with Ken, Lauren and myself) join us and had a wonderful picnic in the sunshine. It was a fabulous Saturday!!

Sunday Ken went down to Pueblo with Tim to do a little mountain bike racing. 5:25 wake up call..HELLO! I got up to make him breakfast and finish up my lesson for church. I was sad to miss the race, but not after he told me it got really windy (again)! Plus, I think he had a blast doing a "guy" trip. Church was good and I got to be lazy in the afternoon (before working on Ken's tired legs). Tim ended up taking 3rd place and Ken ended up flatting, getting a little lost and not quite sure where he finished. He had a great, tough day on the bike though! His legs were so tired that he couldn't even stand in the kitchen...

Monday was quite busy as usual, BUT I did indulge in a viewing of the Boston Marathon in the morning. It was so inspiring and all I wanted to do was RUN. So, I did. 7.25 miles with hard 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 minute intervals. They were TOUGH, especially after my double run on Saturday. I felt nice and tired when I was done-so did Jaspy! I may have fallen asleep on the couch at 9:30, totally normal, right?

In the hugest news of the past 4 days.....I am an AUNT. About 2 hours ago, my gorgeous new niece was born!! She came 4 weeks early but is nice and healthy and over 6 pounds! She is nameless as of now, but that will not last for long. How is it possible that I already love her so much and have not even met her?!  It is SOOOOO hard being so far away and I cannot wait see her beautiful face in person (Looking at plane tickets for Mother's Day weekend!). I will post a name and pics as soon as I have them (all I have is one on my phone....and oh is she precious!!). Congrats Jeff and Karina!!!!!! (and Karina, don't worry, you will have time to organize things when you get home!)

For now, here is a picture of my baby...
Oh that face!

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  1. Congrats, again, on your cool medal. And thank you for the updates on your "nameless" niece ;-)
    Love the pictures of your boys in the kitchen!
    Love you All!!!