Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot and Cold

Happy really late Easter! I had all of the best intentions of blogging yesterday...and they totally dissolved into thin air. I have a lot of pictures to share so I am breaking this post into 2 parts.

First off....here are some pictures from my 5k last weekend...the Eagle's Heart race. Notice how nice and sunny it was...shorts, tank top, sunglasses...24:16 (time).

This weekend my coach decided it would be best for me to stick to the Mud Hen. When I awoke to find 30 degrees and snow, I was not so thrilled. Ken, Jasper and I made our way up to Longmont for the 10am (late) start! It was nice being able to sleep in a little ;-)

Look how happy I look all nice and warm in the car. That would change quickly!

A shirt with a bird....perfect.

Rockin 4 layers on top!

I registered and began to warm up. Luckily I was pretty toasty after some jogging and I took off 2 layers. I would normally take off my compression socks before racing, BUT it was cold (plus I had forgotten other socks)...so I looked like a baseball player! I am really quite cool :-/

The first mile I felt awesome. My legs were happy to be running and my pace was right on target. Until....we turned into the direction of the snow. My lungs did not want to cooperate. I sounded like I was having an asthma attack for the rest of the race. Darned cold or allergies or whatever I STILL have...you are not cool! My pace dropped into the 8's and I knew it was over. I kept fighting hard and actually had something left to use at the end. Seeing Jasper and Ken in the last 1/2 mile was such a huge motivator.

Here are the results from the email I got:

You placed 44th out of 367 finishers in a time of 24:15 for a pace of 7:49 per mile.
Out of 210 women you finished 4th. The winning time for women was 20:58.
For 25 to 29 year old women you were 2nd out of 22 finishers. The winning time for your age and sex was 24:08.

Not too shabby! I even walked away with a neat bag and $10 gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods! My nemesis time alluded me once again, maybe someday.

I'm on the left ;-)

Post race, Ken rode home (in the snow) and I headed to the grocery to pick up a few things. I got some awesome looks due to my super cool outfit!

While shopping, my friend Kelly called and asked if I wanted to meet up for lunch. Seeing as I don't ever do that....I was more than game. She had raced a 15k that morning so we had a lot to talk about! It was great having some girl time, even if I had 8 million things I SHOULD have been doing ;-)

When I got home, I cleaned and prepped for about 3.5 hours before heading out to The Sound of Music. One of my students was the lead (Maria) and she was fabulous! Absolutely blew me away. The play ended at 10 and after stopping at the grocery on my way home for some last minute things, I went home and crashed into bed with Ken (who awesomely continued cleaning in my absence!). What a day!

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  1. So proud of you on all counts!!! So fun keeping up with your busy lives and schedules, and again, so proud of the paths you take, your priorities, and what good care you take of yourselves and each other.
    Love the people pictures and the Jasper ones, too. Easter egg hunting...too cute!!