Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So this morning I could not figure out what day it was....Tuesday, Thursday...for some reason Wednesday just didn't seem to fit, but alas....Wednesday it is!

Yesterday I cherished every moment of my rest day! My legs were insanely happy to have a little break from the running and I was happy with the extra free time ;-) Ken did not have a rest day..but we can call it an "active rest day." He rode his road bike, but at a super easy wattage...just keep spinning! When we got home from work, I made some yummy dinner and we spent a little time cleaning up the house. We were happy to work on the kitchen because there are some very pretty tropical flowers hanging out in there form Rene' and Robert....gorgeous anniversary flowers that I forgot to take pictures of last night! They make dishes a little easier! Tuesday nights happen to be Biggest Loser nights in our home and I was happy to cheer on the weight loss. During the second half of the show, I worked on Ken's legs a little (after 7.5 hours of riding over the weekend, they needed some attention!). Early bedtime!!

This morning I realized that I am still trying to catch on to this I am not so much a huge fan of the dark in the morning....BUT I do LOVE the light in the evening! As I headed over to Monarch High School this morning to hang out with some of my favorite people, the sky looked awesome:
 I felt like I should be on the East Coast or something. It was gorgeous!!!

Today I am playing with my new phone a little bit...isn't it cute?!

 And looking out the the overcastness...wishing for the sunshine and 75 degrees that was promised! Come on!

I have been good and drinking water all day in anticipation of a warm run (hill repeats) this afternoon! Ken is going to ride his road bike and Jasper and I are headed to the Mesa again!

 So, cool story, today I had a patient (whom I think is fabulous and so fun! She is a runner too!) ask me if it is appropriate if she invites me to her husband's graduation party. Too cute, yeah? She said that she normally doesn't click well with people...but we get along great! And...she is my age and runs with the running group that my coach leads. I said it was totally appropriate  ;-)

Alright, back to work! Happy WeMIDDLEek!  Get it? Middle of the week....bahaha! I need a weekend ;-)

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