Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Showers and Races and Anniversaries, OH MY!

I'm Back! With Lots of fun and excitement!! This may be a little long, so put on your reading glasses.
First off: Friday! Most of Friday was normal....work and such. When we got home, Ken and I rode our bike over to the dog park with Jasper so he could play. He was quite a happy pup! When we got home, it wasn't long before Rene' arrived! I know, right? Didn't see that one coming did you? She came down for Errin's bridal shower and surprised her! I love being in on the surprise ;-) Anyways, after getting her car unloaded, the 3 of us headed to Rock Bottom for some Rockin dinner. Delish as always!
Saturday started off right with waffles, strawberries and whipped cream. I may have had 2 waffles, but who is counting, right? Rene' and I got ready for the shower and Ken got ready for a ride with Colin. Poor Jaspy got ready to sit at home for the morning. He was not a fan of that. Around 9:40, Errin arrived and was so surprised at her guest :-) LOVE! It was perfect!! We headed to the shower, which was being thrown by Gayle and the ladies at her church. It was delightful! Great food, wonderful women and so many lovely gifts. It truly was a blast. Downside? I wore heals-probably not the best the day before a race....duh!
Errin loved being the center of attention...hehehe...okay, maybe not! But she looked beautiful and everyone loved her!
Later that day, I had a little 2 mile run to do....2 miles? I forgot that distance existed! Errin and Jasper came with me and it literally FLEW by. We followed that up with baked chicken, mashed potatoes and peas....YUM. Perfect night-before-a-race food. For some reason I was really nervous and was thankful that Ken took over cleaning up the kitchen. Thanks Love!
Sunday was race day!! Running of the Green...a 7K in downtown Denver (that is 4.35 miles for those of you who do not speak "K"). It also happened to be the changing of the clocks day....fail! Losing an hour of sleep on the day of the race is not so fun. The race was at 10:15, but I wanted to be there early, so Ken and Rene' (thanks sooooo much!!!) got up super early with me to be there around 8:15. Yes, I was early and Yes, I felt much more relaxed that way. I met up with my awesome running coach and their running team and got to warm up with them. The atmosphere was a ton of fun. Jasper thought it was great-minus the bag-pipes! At 10:15 we started to run (me and 6000 of my best friends)...okay, some were walking...but still, there were a ton of us out there!
Stretch it out!
I met some super cool people waiting for the race to begin...and I didn't wear any green! Oops
Faster People!!
The race was hard. I will just throw it out there! It really was tough. I went into it wanting to make it in less than 35 minutes and to be in the top 500. I met both my goals (even though it was one hilly course-I expected flats and about died going uphill!). My time was 33:55! Woohoo and I came in 427 overall, 30/614 in my division and 92/2346 for women. I ran my miles at a 7:48 average. Pretty good for all those hills! I was pretty content with my run! Although at mile 2 I didn't think I would make it! hahahaha! Post race there was food (corned beef on bagels!), water-yes please and beer (did not partake of this one...it wasn't even noon!)
Much thanks to my awesome cheering section: Ken, Rene' and Jasper...you guys are the best!
Look at all those people.....


Apparently Jasper found the morning to be exhausting! It is a hard life being him!

Great race...Good times!

When we got home, Errin and Colin came over so that the boys could ride and the girls could run some errands. I was so tired while we were out shopping, I am pretty sure I was pretty useless! I remember a blur of stores and Costco....and I was driving. Don't worry, we made it home safely.
The guys had an awesome ride too! Lots of miles!! Way more than my 4.35!
Dinner was ribs, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus and a delicious salad with apple and gouda. Food Heaven!! It may have also been third night in a row of Rene's chocolate cake and ice cream (my pants are tight today!). There may have been some couch crashing with a movie shortly following dinner. Awesomeness! What a day!

Monday itself was a little bit of a whirlwind. It happened to be Ken and my 2 year anniversary :-D Love!! Rene' left around 9 and Ken had gone to work, so the normal crazy Mondayness ensued. Laundry, meetings, church work and a run....A WHAT? Yup....I had a 4 mile progressive run with 2 miles of warm up and cool down. I struggled pretty hard keeping pace because my legs wanted to fall off! But in the end, I made it! I took Jasper to Marshall Mesa so he could be off-leash and he loved every minuted of it!

When we got home, I hopped in the shower and was ready to go to dinner when Ken got home. Now, I had thought we had planned on no gifts...but Ken decided to spoil me! WHAT?! He got me Graeterspieces. SO exciting!! But after dinner, which was at PF Changs and was awesome, he took me to get me a new phone!!!!! I am now rocking the htc inspire. I have to admit, it is much smarter than me, but I think I will get the hang of it! It is totally sweet! He spoiled me so much...and I loved every minute! Thanks my LOVE and here is to many more years of wonderfulness!!!

This morning we were about as thrilled as Jasper to go to work:

Hahaha funny face dog! It would have been way more fun to hang out at home :-/ But alas, getting home will be something to look forward to. Thanks for all of the awesome anniversary wishes yesterday via facebook and calling. Love you guys!!


  1. Thanks for sharing :-)) LOve you guys! Lookinforward to seeing you all:-))

  2. i saw the Running of the Green on the news but i didn't see you! hehe. congrats on the race and making it to 2 years =)