Friday, March 18, 2011

oh my Glutes

FRIDAY....I just did a little dance for the fact that tomorrow is a weekend day! Woo hoo!!

So...After my Wednesday hill repeats, I anticipated that my behind would be a little sore...but holy cow! Getting up and down is just plain brutal! Guess I need to cross train my buttocks a little better ;-)

This morning I am at my office chillin...I have patients later this afternoon :-) The weather is beautiful (albeit a little chilly)...funny, I thought it was supposed to be cold and rainy. Those weather people like to play with my head. I like it when they are wrong and it is sunny (but not the other way around).

This morning I have been snacking on an apple with some of this amazing stuff:

Chocolate hazelnut butter. Oh my is like a little piece of Heaven. Perfect on an apple, banana, piece of toast....or just straight out of the packet (Ken's favorite way!!).

Later this afternoon I have a date with this guy:

 We spend a lot of time together (sometimes Ken gets a little jealous)! I have an easy 4 mile run scheduled for tonight...should be fun, but to be honest I am MUCH more excited for my 12 miler tomorrow! I don't know why, but longer distances make me feel more accomplished. Plus, Jasper is always exhausted afterwards. It is a win-win! Ken is planning on riding with a buddy...should be a long, hard ride. Love the long workouts on the weekends-they make me happy.

The warm weather that we have been having is really making me excited for spring/summer. During the winter I forget that it gets hot here. I am ready for hot!

In random news...we will have house guests in 19 days!! I know, right?! I cannot believe that Errin and Colin's wedding is so soon! We are so excited!! SOOOOOOO excited!!! We are extra excited because we will be getting to see our families too (but sad to be missing some too!!!). My parent's are excited because they get to see Jasper (and maybe me and Ken too). hehehe. That means lots of cleaning is to be had in our household! Spring cleaning time anyways right?

How hardcore are you with your cleaning?

My mom taught me to pretty much take everything out of drawers and cabinets and clean until everything sparkles....don't worry Mom, everything will be sparkling ;-)

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  1. Oh No I've cursed you too! No worries if it's not:-)) I'm finding there are just not enough hours in the day. But for some reason I always feel good if I get it done. Can't wait to see you guys! And everyone else too!!!!!!