Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green, not the band!

Happy Saint Patrick's! Hope you are wearing your green today! I have corned beef and cabbage in the slow-cooker for dinner. Love the nights dinner is made by the time I get home :-)

Quick yesterday run recap: It was gorgeous and 75 degrees....running skirt and tank top weather!! Yes, Please!
View of the Flatirons...
This is Marshall Mesa, so when I mention it, you know what it looks like...

So lovely...I heart clouds!

Jasper got all antsy as we pulled into the parking lot....dogs know! We ran a mile warm up followed by 9 one minute hill repeats. Jasper gave up after number 4 and decided to jog. Slacker. They were brutal...not going to lie! I kinda wanted to throw up most of the time. But alas, it was wonderful to be out in the warm, sunny day. After our mile cool down, we headed home :-) Ken road for 2:20 minutes, including riding home. Yay for long workouts on a Wednesday (and for daylight savings time!).

Today I decided to take Jasper off of Ken's hands. He came to work with me and while I was at church he hung out in the car....

I think he is rolling his eyes at me! But he was such a good boy that we went to the dog park....

 Oh, happy day!!!

 Post-playtime...we headed into my office. I got to treat some pretty cool patients today! I am just wrapping up and thinking of heading home early (to torment myself with the smell of goodness). Ken is riding home again-so it is just me and the pupster! Chiropractic Dog.....

 Maybe tonight I will work on my pleasure reading.....I know, funny how the definitions of things change. It is actually a really cool book ;-)

Rest day for me today! Enjoy some Irish yumminess for me!!!

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