Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Another week is upon us. Can you believe that this is the last week of March. Time has practically flown by!

Because I don't typically blog on weekends...here are the exciting points:
*Friday- Easy 3 mile run
              Dinner with E and C-Fajitas=Delish!!

*Saturday- Up early for my 13.1 miles! They actually were quite fun. That could be because:
          -I got a little lost and ended up carrying Jasper up a hill over railroad tracks and barbed wire
          -It was a new route with cool things to look at!
          -Errin ran about 4ish miles with me (always a great way to break things up-have a buddy!
          When we were done, we did 30 minutes of yoga. My legs were not quite sure about my brain's decision!
       Ken rode for 3.5 hours with Colin
       We were both incredibly productive around the house after long workouts! WHAT?!
       Watched a movie (Knight and Day? I think...it was pretty funny, I guess)

*Sunday- (when I remembered I own a camera)
        Church (Ken rode with Colin's team for almost 4 hours and had a blast)
        I had a rest day (score!)
        Went with Errin to learn how to put on make up. Realized I know NOTHING about being a girl!
         Talked Ken into going to the dog park with us!!

Cute face, no? Yeah, it was cold.

Who, me?

 I have a thing for clouds!
 Bundled up!! We are so gangsta huh?

The rest of Sunday was lovely!

That brings us to my favorite day of the week...Monday!! Okay, it kind of is! It is like my little cheater, get everything I can done day! I literally do not sit down on Mondays (except while I am at church for a few hours working). But I love the craziness!

I decided to bake like a crazy person (as in over 60 muffins!) We got a chest freezer and I needed things to freeze!

 "Mom, why are you taking a picture of me awkwardly scratching??" How embarrassing :-/

A look at the GIANT bowl of muffin mix (Pumpkin Chocolate Chip=my favorite!!) Keep in mind, this is the LARGEST mixing bowl I OWN.

Here is a look into my bread machine! NEATO!! This loaf was a giant FAIL...but I made another loaf later to rectify that and it was highly successful!

My favoritest fur child :-)

Being awkward again ;-)

I even worked, hit up Walmart and Macy's and still managed to clean out my dresser drawers and closet. So productive!

This morning we woke up to this crazy white stuff all over?! I thought it was done doing that!! Don't worry, it is mostly burned off now!

One week and one day until festivities begin...can't wait!

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  1. Nice!! great to be part of the week:-)) Counting the days:-))