Tuesday, March 1, 2011

78 Percent

March...already?Wasn't it just the beginning of February? Dear 2011, slow down a minute...thanks!

Okay, so I am actually quite excited that it is March...one step closer to spring :-) Bring on the birds and the bees (and the green and the warm!).

First off...prayer request...Ken's Grandma had a stroke at the end of last week. She is stable and remains in the hospital. Robert flew to California yesterday so hopefully we continue to gather more information as time goes on. I know that she is able/trying to communicate but is struggling to find wording. She is not a happy camper and is quite frustrated. If you could pray for her and recovery and healing, that would be amazing!

Ken and I have been laying pretty low lately as we are both recovering from being sick after camp. Not fun, but fairly predictable. Saturday I ran just under 12 miles (maybe not the most brilliant of ideas) and did some shopping with Errin and Gayle. So fun...but it left me a little tired for our dinner that night. We had a high school senior over for dinner and it was a blast! Sunday was Church as usual. I cheated and did half movie, half lesson. Post Church and lunch...I headed down to Denver to get my haircut. I bought it online...thing Groupon...for $12. I also look forward to getting my hair cut! And I actually had her cut it....short (ish)! Pictures to come :-) Another highlight of Sunday...PINKBERRY!!!!! There just happened to be one within walking distance!! Super awesome.

**Randomly awesomeness-Ken put Jasper's bed up against ours last night and I didn't have to get up once to put him away! He only came into our bed one time and I happily reached down to re-cover him when he went back to his own. LOVE IT!!!!!

Other than that....life is quiet. Trying to get rid of the yicky cough....hopefully before Friday when I leave for Chicago!
Alright...back to work!

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