Friday, January 21, 2011


Hi there! So much for me being good. This Tuesday/Friday thing just isn't enough! Things get too long :-/

Wednesday started out with a nice normal day at work and then bam! Snow storm!! Yes, it was a couple of inches of snow, but know it should not have caused the havoc on the city that it did. We had my Suzuki that day because we thought it was going to be about an inch of snow and wouldn't be too bad. In reality, it was not that bad, people are just crazy. They go too fast or too slow and get themselves in trouble. Any who, after work, I picked up Ken's new glasses (they are super awesome and I will take a picture this weekend!). He LOVES them and they will be great for cycling. I made my way to Boulder, sliding just a little on some ice and slush, but it was not a big deal. Then....I picked Ken up and it was OVER! We sat in traffic (not moving much at all) for over 1.5 hours. It was ridiculous and we really didn't understand why. Again, people are just crazy!

We were both starving and Ken jokingly called to ask Errin and Colin what they were having for dinner. Amazingly they were doing Chinese take-out and were kind enough to invite us over to eat! Oh my goodness, it was delicious! It was also cool getting to hang out on a school work night. Thank you thank you thank you!!! We ended up getting home and pretty much going to bed. It was late! haha. For some reason, Ken was up from about 2-4 in the morning and went down and watched TV. I kept rolling over to check if he was back-it made of a long night and early morning!

Yesterday was another crazy-ish day! I got to do my 4 mile run (foot still hurts-boo!!) in the morning and then was in church meetings from 11:40 to 4:50! Holy cow!! I made it to my office at 5 and didn't have any patients, so Ken came in and got treated before we headed back to church for our activities until 9:15. Long day! Oh! I almost forgot the title of this post is SOCKS. Ken ordered me some super sweet compression socks and they came in today! I even got to wear them to chuch-they are supposed to help with soreness and recovery. I will let you know how I feel about them after my long run Saturday!

Ken slept fabulously last night, while I was up with Jasper several times. Grrrr! He longs to lay under the covers at our feet and then gets hot and wants me to put him back to sleep in his bed! Punk!!!!

This weekend is pretty much full (as in-my google calendar is blocked for most of the 2 days!). I have a love/hate relationship with busy weekends. They are full of fun and excitement. But they are full! Haha!

Tomorrow Ken and Colin have a 3 hour ride planned and I have a 10 mile run to accomplish. It will be my longest yet, if I make it ;-) Fingers crossed that my foot is not too obnoxious! I will fill you in on the rest of the run after the fact! Have a great weekend. Yay for Fridays :-D

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