Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lights out

Last night Ken and I turned our bedroom light off at 9:30. I know...kinda pathetic :-/
I am going to see if there is a good reason why....Let's see....

Tuesday at 4:45 I got a message from Ken asking if I could leave work and head over to pick him up and drive to Golden. Now, Golden is not ridiculously far away...maybe 20ish miles from Boulder and a little more from our house, but it was a Tuesday night and our destination closed at 6pm. Have you done the math? I raced over to Spyder and picked up Ken and we continued to race down to Golden. Where, you may be wondering, did we need to get to by 6pm? Golden bike shop. Yup, that's right shop. The team that Ken will be riding from this year is based out of this shop and a buddy called Ken to let him know that the same mountain bike Ken was interested in was in the shop (but was a customers) and wouldn't be there for long. We got down there about 5:45. I would say that we were "those" people who showed up at closing, but to be honest, the store was pretty packed. A group was supposed to leave from there about 6 to go ride in the dark. thanks to that! I can barely walk in the dark! Alas, Ken fell in love with the bike even more (and has now ordered one of his own..thank goodness for deals through work!). Upon making it home (eventually-due to a little accidental detour), I threw some dinner together, we watched a little TV and called it a night.

Yesterday was also pretty jam packed! It involved work and a 4 mile run and an unexpected stop at a mental health clinic. A student and his family had checked him in the day before and I took advantage of the one visiting hour to stop by and give them a hug. really never know who is thinking about suicide and sometimes it is the person you would never guess. After a little visit, Ken, Jaspy and I headed home. Ken rode his trainer and worked out while I made stuffed bell peppers for dinner. Hello YUM! I got the idea from Errin and ran with it. So good. Ken did the dishes and I pretty much crashed on the couch. At 9, Ken went up to shower and I somehow dragged myself off the couch and followed. The rest was snoring (although I don't think either of us does that at this point) ;-)

Now I must focus on the rest of my day....left the house at 7....should be home about 9:45 tonight. Gotta love Thursdays :-/

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