Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hi there and happy Tuesday. Every Monday I have all of the intention in the world to sit down and blog....but 2 things do not happen-I do not sit down and I do not blog! Boo on me!

Let's start with Friday. Ken ended up working late so I didn't see him until about 10. As for me, I worked and then ran 3 miles (a long 3 miles....due to the start of my foot pain!) and then drove to Jump Street (an indoor trampoline place). I had a blast watching the middle school and high school students bouncing all over the place! They are crazy. I, on the other hand, was a total wuss and I did very limited bouncing.

Saturday we woke up on the early side of things. Ken and Colin had planned a ride for the morning (which ended up being a 3 hour ride for Ken...wooohooo base miles). He was thrilled with his time out on the bike. While he was out, I met one of my favorite high school girls and we hung out for about an hour. She is awesome and I love getting to spend time with her. I then drove down to Lakewood to pick up some bar stools that I had ordered online. Ken found a sweet deal, but of course none of our close stores had them in stock :-/ I got to talk to my mom the whole trip down-so that made it go a lot faster :-) On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few essentials for dinner.

At home, Ken put together the stools while I changed into my running clothes. I made it to the end of the driveway and was almost in tears. Somehow I bruised a bone on the outside of my foot (Jasper?) and just having my shoe on hurt so bad! I tried 3 pairs of shoes before breaking down in tears and throwing Jasper in the car to take to the dog park. He had a blast-I pouted at the fact that I could not run my 7 miles! I am still a little bitter!

When I got home, Ken helped clean the house while I got dinner started. We had friends over! We ran into a girl that went to our high school at a bike race this season. Turns out her boyfriend races Mountain and Cross too! We had a blast hanging out with them!! So fun :-) Ken is really excited to do some riding with him this season and maybe some camping :-) We had lasagna and steamed veggies and garlic bread and lemon cake for dessert. It was great! Plus....they have a dog and they brought her over-so Jasper was excited for his play date too!

Sunday I taught Middle and High School class because the MS person had a sick son at home to take care of. The morning went super fast! Ken and I visited Costco before heading home. Ken went for a road ride and me and my bum foot did a yoga and weight workout-couldn't even get my bike shoe on! Grrrrr.

Yesterday, I worked around the house and then went into church to do some work also. Jasper came with me in hopes to run afterwards. I tried my shoe on with no luck. Ken suggested that I try wrapping it. I bought an ACE bandage and wrapped it up and stuck it in my shoe. The first 3/4 of a mile was a disaster. It hurt SOOOO bad. I wanted to go back to the car so bad and just forget it, but Jasper needed the exercise. Finally about a mile in, my body just got used to the pain and I didn't notice it much. I did my 7 one minute hill sprints and ran the mile back to the car in relative foot-peace. It is sore today (thankfully it is a rest day!).
I ended up having a quiet house last night and did a bunch of reading. Ken did not get home from work until midnight.....booo! It made it hard to wake up this morning :-(  On a better note, Ken got to talk to a guy from the team that he really wants to be on this year (which happens to be the team the the above mention boyfriend rides Cross for!). Looks good :-D We are both super excited!!!! Okay, I am going to try not to fall asleep on my desk for the rest of the day...have a good one!

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