Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Answered Prayers

Happy Tuesday!! I am having a very hard time grasping that Christmas is next week! WOW!! I think part of that is because it is 60+ degrees outside and sunny. We need some snow ASAP!

This weekend was quite nice and ...wait for it...relaxed! I know, right? Relaxed is not normally in my vocabulary. I get that from my mother ;-) Friday night we did dinner and a movie at home. We watched PS I Love You...and I cried, go figure.

Saturday we did some errand running and while out, I got a text from Kelly (a friend from Spyder and Zaya-another Vizsla's mom). She asked if I wanted to meet up for a run. I had a 75 minute run to do so I was all for having company. Together we set out with the pups into the crazy freezing wind. We did just over 8 miles in about 75 minutes...Have I mentioned that I am in LOVE with my new watch?! Kelly has one too so we could watch our pace and go at a good speed :-) This was the second longest run I have done and by far the fastest (Kelly is a super duper runner!). Post-run I may have been a little useless. When Jaz and I got home, Ken was heading out for a ride. Jaspy and I sat on the couch and I played with the Wii-something I RARELY do! Especially not in the middle of a day!! When Ken got home, he made is own lunch....wow...I was totally worthless!! HAHAHA!!!

In the end, I did have to get up and shower and get ready for my office Christmas party. It was at Beth's house and it was awesome. We all had a great time. Ken got to meet all the husbands :-) We were the youngest ones there, but fit in just fine. We do better in an older group. We got home at about 10:30 and hit the bed-hard!

Sunday we got to sleep in as we went to the second service to be with our high schoolers. It was a great worship service! I got to dress as a Lumber Jill to promote our winter camp in February. Neon Green Suspenders....oh yeah! After lunch, Ken went out for a ride and I did something...haha...not sure what? I am pretty sure it included cleaning. When he got home, he set the trainer up in the TV room and I rode for 50 minutes while we watched the Cyclocross Nationals in Oregon. It was inspiring...but I couldn't ride too fast because it was a recovery day!

Yesterday I did my normal cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. There was a nice 45 minute run thrown in there which Jasper loved. Got some excellent news about increasing my hours at church! That was a total blessing as I am still trying to build a client base at my new office and people are more focused on Christmas than their health right now ;-) Come on January and New Years Resolutions!

Hope all of your crazy last minute shopping goes well :-)

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