Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Working solo

Hello Tuesday!

Sorry, I'm terrible with the pictures. I DID take some and they ARE on my camera, but unfortunately my camera is residing at home and not here at work :-/  They are cute....that's for sure!

Little weekend re-cap:

Friday I was sick...stupid cold...and was only in the office for the afternoon. Ken was home that day so we spent it laying on separate sides of the couch watching "Top Gear". The whole day was kinda blah!

Saturday was a clean up around the house day. I feel like we did a bunch of little things. We ran some errands and stopped by E and C's to see the new place. It is lovely and Milo seems to be thrilled with the lack of dog. We may have crashed early on the couch watching a movie-I think that is what happened ;-)

Sunday was much more exciting. I headed to church early to be there for both services. Ken joined me during the second. He came in to church in a jeans, his new Spyder blue plaid jacket and a had (with his longish hair-LOVE) coming out the bottom. Yeah...he looked hot! :-*   After church we came to the office so he could work on getting my table connected to the compressor. Turns out we are just going to run new air hose. From here, we went north to Longmont for the CycloX races. It was FREEZING. Not even kidding....I thought I was getting frostbite on my toes! Jasper tagged along as well-he also froze! Colin's race went well (there was a little bit of sun) and then during Ken's, the weather turned blistery!

Ken did great. He raced Cat III again and took 5th. Such a super star! If you know cycling at all, Tyler Hamilton told Jasper he was a good looking dog and pet him. The dude is tiny....I was for sure taller than him!  Anyways....post race we all ran for the trucks! Time to defrost!

Ken and I headed back to my office to pick up my car and some Chinese food and took it home. It was so tasty!!! Again, we hit the couch!

Yesterday I cleaned and ran errands. We are talking super clean....like carpets and everything. Yup, ready for Thanksgiving now :-)

Alright..better get back to work! I am solo for the next 2 days....treating my and Beth's patients and working the front desk...good times!

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