Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Reality

I feel like I have been away from the cyber-world forever! Honestly, over the past 5 days I have only sat at the computer for brief moments of time....glorious! I did miss this site though ;-)

First off-I forgot my camera...AGAIN. And I have so many fun things to show you! Tomorrow-all picture post? I think yes!

Let's see...where to start?

Last Wednesday I worked until about 5 and then headed home to prepare for our guests (and put together overnight cinnamon rolls for breakfast). Robert and Rene' arrived just in time for a some yummy beef stew! Crock Pot...how I love you! We spent some time catching up and showing them our updated house and the truck :-) Jasper was in absolute Heaven with their arrival. He could not stop wiggling!  After unloading and unpacking, we all headed to bed.

Thanksgiving morning started with a delicious egg, bacon and homemade cinnamon roll meal. Nothing like starting the eating early ;-) Robert, Rene' and I all headed out for a run (Jasper, too of course!). We were anticipating the coming dinner and knew we had to get a head start on things. Ken did not participate because he was going to ride his cross bike with Colin later. We all had lovely runs (albeit cold-ish). Post-shower, Errin and Colin arrived and the craziness in the kitchen began. The boys rode their bikes and the ladies got started with the food. Robert was super brave and worked on getting the turkey fryer together. I wanted NO part of that! I know my limits....and oil+fire=not a good thing for me to help with! I stayed in the kitchen thank you very much!! Gayle made it over about 2 and brought a wonderful appetizer plate-thank goodness...all of that cooking was hard work ;-)

About 3, we all sat down to a fantastic meal. Everything was delicious and I am pretty sure I ate enough food for 3 days! We took a little breather and then headed back for dessert. Pies, cakes, cheesecakes, ice cream....whipped cream. Yum yum Yum!  At least doing the dishes and putting things away helped to burn some of the calories off...right? After Errin, Colin and Gayle left, the 4 of us crashed on the couch while Jasper put on a performance for us. He was sooooo good and well behaved. He made his momma proud!

Friday morning we got up early-ish and hit up some shopping. Nothing too hard-core. Sears, Costco and then a little mall shopping. PF Changs for lunch...thanks Errin...so good! Tacos for dinner. Who needs to eat ever again?!

Saturday we slept in a little bit :-D That was nice! Had a leisurely breakfast, ran some errands and then headed up to Estes Park...for what?! ICE CREAM!!! We wandered around the little town and consumed that absolutely diving homemade ice cream. Good thing I don't live closer....that could be a problem for my waistline. Jasper made LOTS of new friends. I need to rent him out to someone single!  We dropped Jaz off at home and went out to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. It was quite yummy, but of course, a LOT of food! That evening I had to prepare my lesson for both the middle and high school groups at church and I did so while watching the Book of Eli. It was quite an interesting movie. A lot of violence which is not typically my style.

Sunday I taught during both services at church...about relationships...and sex....gasp! Yeah, they told me that it wasn't awkward....that's good! On the way home, we stopped at the office so Ken could finish my air compressor set up. I also got to treat Robert and Ken and everyone partook of the roller table. We then headed home and frantically got things packed and lunch eaten before running out again for Colin and Ken's races. It was fun...as always. Again, it was nice up until the start of Ken's race and then the weather turned cold and windy. Boo. Ken did excellent and took first place. I have some pics that will explain the course better. They had to run up 2 sections of stairs. They are crazy! Ken took first place in the race this week. YAY Ken! Rob and Rene' left from there, so when we got home it was only the 3 of us. We dug into some left overs, had some pie and crashed on the couch to watch a movie-I didn't even do the dishes! Double Gasp!

Yesterday I had the day off. Kinda. I spent the day cleaning and moving tables and doing laundry. I felt very accomplished come one o'clock. At 1:40 Jasper and I headed out for my/our first real training run in preparation for the Denver Marathon next October. The run itself was hard-almost throw up hard. And the weather was blistery! We were so cold, despite the running part! It was good though-definitely needed to get out there and go. And last night what did we do?? We (Ken, Colin, Errin and I) finally saw Harry Potter! It was really good....dark and scary...but good! Can't wait for the last one.

I think that about covers it! We had such a great holiday! So thankful that all of our company made it! Thank you thank you thank you for all of the help with everything!!!! We love you!

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  1. We love you, too, and we had a wonderful time seeing all of you! You guys are great hosts and we felt so comfortable and welcomed! Looking forward to seeing you soon!