Monday, October 4, 2010


Hi there! I am back to a normal Monday and already wishing I was back in the land of make believe (or a quick Kentucky trip).

Here is a pictureless (sorry-camera is at home) recap:

Friday: The alarm went off at a ridiculous hour-3:15am! We stayed in bed until about 3:30 and then got up and ready to go. We were sad to say goodbye to the pupster as we headed out the door just after 4:10. The trip to the airport was dark and traffic-less. That was nice! Once at the airport, we did the security check thing and headed for our plane. (Post-coffee grabbing of course). Our flight was uneventful-my favorite kind-and Alle and Maggie picked us up from the airport right on time.

When we made to my grandparent's house, we were super excited to see everyone and give lots of hugs. :-)
We went immediately to work setting things up for the following days' festivities. Flowers, tents, drinks, oh my! We partook in some fantastic La Rosa's pizza (one of my 3 requirements while I am back there) and spent the rest of the day hanging out and catching up.

Saturday Ken and I woke up early (as in 6 eastern time) to pick Jeff and Karina up from the airport. We were so excited to see them-it had been over a year! We hit up Starbucks on the way home for some caffeine-the house was quiet when we got home, so we went for a walk to kill a little time. Upon returning, we found life arising in the Schambach household. In the process of making oatmeal for breakfast, we cut lemons and limes, celery and did a wide variety of preparations. I never knew you could fit that many people in the kitchen!

The party went off wonderfully. My Grandparents enjoyed all of the friends and family that were there to celebrate the 64 amazing years they have been married. How cool!? We ate and hung out and then at about 3- "napped" in preparation for a wedding reception that evening. After getting lost on our way to the venue, we finally arrived and enjoyed more time eating and hanging out with one another. It was lovely-Congrats Mike and Christie!

On our way back to the house, we may have stopped for some Dixie Chili Coney Dogs!! YUUUMM. It was an interesting night of deflating air mattresses and other excitement of that sort.

When Sunday morning rolled around, we were already in a state of getting ready to go :-( After breakfast and far too many pastries, Mom, Ken and I went out for a run. It was nice to burn off some of the calories from the 2 dinners the night before and the empty sugar laden foods of breakfast! Post-run involved taking down chairs and cleaning up center pieces. All of that fun post-party business. For lunch, J, K, K and I hit up some more Coney Dogs and stopped at Heaven Graeters for some ice cream. Oh my goodness was it tasty! We took home a container to share.....So good! (We may have had another couple of servings a few hours later). By the time we packed and hugged and kissed everyone goodbye, my stomach was unable to house any more food.

At the airport, J, K, K, Alle and I got to hang out before our flights . Kent was in a separate terminal :-( Ken and I discovered that our plane was going to be taking off 2 hours later than expected....ewwww!!! We said goodbye to our Cali-bound buddies and hung out in the airport until 10:00. We finally boarded our plane and took off in the Colorado direction at 10:30. Great. We pulled into our driveway at about 12:15 and went in to the house to be greeted by a very happy Vizsla! Jasper was beyond himself as we loved all over him. Thanks Errin and Colin for watching our pup while we were gone!

Now, we are going to try to recover...I am thinking (after work and working out and dinner and dishes and laundry) that we will relax on the couch tonight!

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  1. Thanks so much for making the trip:-)) And all your help! What a world wind!