Monday, October 11, 2010

It begins again...

Good Monday Morning!

I will come out and just admit it....I HATE that it is dark in the mornings! Oh my gosh...the struggle to drag myself out of bed is worsening with each passing morning. Blech! But, alas, we managed to make it all the way to work :-/

The past 3 days have been super busy, but super great.

Friday night Ken and I headed down to Littleton for Taylor and Erin's Rehearsal dinner. It was at a Mexican restaurant and it was delicious. I had a chicken burrito and a margarita. Mmmm Mmmm good! It was awesome hanging out with friends that we have not seen in a long time. T's brother and his wife are living in Hawaii. I think we should go visit ;-) It was such an awesome evening filled with wonderful people. We closed the place down! (okay so it was 10 pm) By the time we got home and got in bed, it was after midnight. Hello-past-my-bedtime!

Saturday morning we woke up about 7:30. Our room darkening shades proved to be just that. It was phenomenal. We cuddled with Jasper and lounged around before heading downstairs for some waffles. We have not had them in SOOO long and they tasted just fabulous! After working around the house for a while, Ken and I rode over to watch some cyclocross racing. Ken would have raced, but his start time was after the time we had to leave for the wedding. It was super fun to watch...totally messy-gotta love the mud! Ken is going to race next weekend :-) Colin raced and said it was hard-but a lot of fun!! Sweet.

At 2ish we were ready to head out for Littleton. We picked up one of Ken's buddies and his girlfriend (who went to school with my cousin in Cincinnati-small world!) and were on our way. The ceremony was beautiful. It was outside and overlooked awesome rock formation. There were 4 deer that stuck around in the background-so neat! The reception was gorgeous and the food was amazing-I ate WAY too much..but hey, they only get married once, right? It was another late night, but well worth it. Congrats T and E!!

Sunday morning we should have left the blinds up! HAHA...I hit the off on the alarm and fell right back to sleep! Good thing Ken woke up or we would not have made it to church on time. After church and teaching and lunch, Ken and Colin went out for a ride and I went grocery shopping. My LOVE! hehe. I made dinner and brownies and we crashed on the couch...what a good way to end the weekend :-)

Pics to come...hopefully ;-) Have a good week!

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