Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi there and happy Friday! Friday....oh so happy :-)

Today Ken is working from home. Jasper was pretty thrilled with that decision. I actually got to come into work a little bit late today-which is fantastic!

Yesterday was! Nothing too exciting.

This weekend I am planning on giving the house a good cleaning! I started this morning but much remains. Today it has been one year since we closed on our house. I have painted all but 2.5 rooms :-) Only our master bath to go! We LOVE our house...our bedroom is looking fantastic and I will post pics when we are done with all of the big stuff.

In other exciting news....Guess who is coming for Thanksgiving?! Rob, Rene' and (hopefully) LouAnn!!! We are soooo excited for them to come visit and to see what we have been up to!!

Well-I am pretty boring hopefully next time I will have more fun stories!


  1. Looking forward to Thanksgiving! ;-) Thanks for the invitation!! Love you!

  2. The house is coming along fast:-)) I'm so excited you will all be together for Thanksgiving! Sounds like fun to be had:-))

  3. hi leeann! congrats on the 1-year anniversary of having a house. it goes by so fast, doesn't it? i hope we'll get to see it one day! i saw alle for the first time yesterday since she joined her sorority, hehehe. and can you believe nick is engaged? looks like we get to take a trip to new jersey next year! should be fun! miss you lots!