Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello hello hello! I know that today is technically Thursday, but for Ken and I it is kind of our Friday :-) Jealous?

First off-sorry no post yesterday. I didn't feel fantastic and ended up staying from work. Some days your body just says enough!

Today I started the day off by dropping Ken at work and heading to the church for a meeting. Now, I am pre-chiro work which may include a meeting at another church followed by teaching and small groups at 7...whew-I am tired already :-/ On a good note, Ken and I are off on an adventure tomorrow.

I say "adventure" because it could be a little exciting. Our flight out of Denver is at 6am we have to be there at 5am so we have to leave at 4ish am so we have to get up...TOO EARLY! Boo...We are hoping to leave church by about 9:15 so we can be home by 9:45 so we can finish packing and be in bed by...10:30...we can be zombies tomorrow-no biggie. I am thinking coffee at the airport for sure!

We are super excited for our trip and seeing family :-) As for now, better get working!


  1. Hope your weekend, albeit very busy, is fun and that you have a great time seeing the whole family! Big hugs to your parents and grandparents from us!! Love you!