Friday, August 27, 2010

School traffic

Hi there and happy Friday :-)

Yesterday was not incredibly blog-worthy. Did some yoga in the morning, met a friend for "coffee"-sounds grown up, huh? and came into work. The highlight of my, don't get me wrong...I hate the reason...but I love the outcome....Ken's back has been bothering him, so he and Jasper came into the office so he could get treated :-) I got to see him during work hours 2 days in a row! NICE. Don't worry-he is feeling better today.

Today is filled with work. Fun Fun Fun. More exciting is the fact that I am picking one of my favorite high school girls up from school to hang out before I get Ken from work. Hence the title. My fear is going to get her and being overwhelmed by the pick up traffic. I don't even know where to go! I will have to google it ;-)

This evening will be spent hanging out at home and packing things up for the weekend. Errin, Colin, Ken, Jasper and I are headed back up to Winter Park for the final mountain bike race of the series. Ken and Colin are very excited-it should be a fun course, albeit a TON of climbing-over 4000 feet! The super fun thing is, we are staying up there for the evening! I cannot even imagine how gorgeous it will be tomorrow night! Ken is especially excited about the hot tub. Priorities I guess. I will make sure my camera is charged and that I actually take some quality pictures this weekend....not just iphone pics!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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