Monday, August 9, 2010

The real Monday

Welcome to another Monday. Boy, did I want to stay in bed this morning....overcast skies=cuddle time. Unfortunately, Ken looked a little too sore for me to roll into this morning-Jasper, on the other hand, was all over it. We will get to the reasons in a bit.

So, sorry for the anticipation....but here comes the excitement....

Saturday Ken and I got up early to get in a good workout. Shocker, huh? Okay, maybe not. Ken rode his road bike and Jasper and I went for about a 4ish mile run. It was already hot and we both came back super sweaty. After some yummy breakfast and some quick showers, we were off. First item on the list....selling Ken's car. WHAT?!?! Yup, you read that right. Ken parted ways with [one of] the love of his life. Are you gasping is shock? I did, a little. The STI has been sold. I have to admit, I got tears in my eyes when we drove away. Sappy, huh?

After saying goodbye to the Subaru, we headed right down the street to the Ford dealership. Ken has been researching trucks for MONTHS and especially the last few weeks. He knew what truck he wanted and talked a guy down to a ridiculous price. We spent about 3.5 hours at the dealer and walked ( out with this baby...

Gorgeous isn't she? I am in LOVE! I fight Ken to drive her and luckily he lets me :-) Jasper is also in love...he cherishes his back seat.

So that was our exciting Saturday! We followed it up with a wonderful leader meeting with our church friends and did some putt putt and go karting. It was a pretty late night and I was exhausted when we finally got to pour ourselves into bed.

Sunday morning Ken and I went to church and did our thing there. We hurried home to grab a quick lunch and head up to Walker Ranch. Walker Ranch is a 8.2 mile loop that covers a lot of climbing and so wicked downhills. Ken, Colin and Errin were brave and decided to hit it up on their mountain bikes. Me...not so much. Jasper and I decided to run it. Ken didn't know this before we set out-he figured I would go for a while and turn around. I, on the other hand, was determined to make it.

Jasper and I had a fabulous first 3 miles, then we had to do some hiking up some gigantic rock/dirt steps-those were pretty hardcore...but awesome. When we reached the top, who should we run into but Ken and Colin. After doing a double take on Ken, I realized their was blood on his shirt, his bike and ...oh...his face! This is what I saw...

Um, hi hon, nice to see you too! Yeah, so apparently he was going down some epically awesome part of the trail (14 foot vertical drop) and his front tire hit a rock at the bottom and over he went. OOPS and OUCH! In true Ken form, he washed it off and kept going. Colin got to watch the spectacular event. Jealous? No way-I would have freaked out! Luckily he kept all of his teeth.

We said goodbye to them as we were going around the loop in opposite directions and headed on our way. We then came across Errin and Jasper was so excited. He was so excited that he lost all ability to listen. Grrrrr. He went from being great off leash to sprinting away from me to catch her. Needless to say, I had to hold onto him for the duration of the run. We made it to the truck and headed home. Two hours of trail running=awesomeness! Tired Jaspy=even more awesomeness!!

Once we got home, Errin and I (mostly Errin) went to work on Ken's face. I debated taking him for stitches, but the edges were jagged and we didn't think they would do them anyways. His would was cleaned and butterflied (which didn't want to stay on thanks to the neosporin). And did he sit down and rest? Nope! We headed out to a birthday party where he proceeded to fling himself at a Velcro-wall. Great!

This morning he looks a little beat up-but not too bad. We will see how he is doing after work. Luckily, no broken bones! What a weekend!


  1. Sounds like things went a little "down hill" after our last conversation Hee hee! Glad he's OK:-))

  2. The truck IS beautiful! The face... not so much!:(
    Can we say queasy, sick to stomach, loss of appetite. You need a padded suit and bubble helmet! Glad your teeth are still in your head, too!
    Glad most of your weekend was good. Congratulations on your truck! (Grams and PopPop said contrats, too!)