Monday, August 16, 2010

Not quite as planned

Hello Monday Morning! Good weekend? Subjective!

The weekend started out with a fun and fabulous Friday. After work I got to meet s lovely lady for coffee. It was great sharing stories and just talking about life in general. Ken swung by and collected me from a little place called Starbucks and we headed home. While he set about packing up for the next days event (Race in Winter Park!), I headed to the grocery to pick up a few essentials for dinner and snackage.

I put together a casserole, gave Ken instructions on oven temperature and what not and then headed out on my road bike! What a WONDERFUL....tough....EXHILERATING...ride! I tried really hard to kick my behind and would call it a success. When I got home I was tired and ready to E.A.T! Mmmm Mmmmm good tuna casserole! We spent the evening getting things all packed and ready for the weekend away.
Saturday morning I awoke quite easily and eagerly. Got dressed, made breakfast, packed cooler, locked all windows and doors and climbed into the back of the truck with my BFF, Jasper :-)
He fell asleep on my arm....

We had a wonderful ride up the mountain to the Winter Park Resort. It was a GORGEOUS morning! Ken's race was set to start at 10:04 so he was quick to get dressed and head out to warm up. The way the race was set up, the riders had to take a chairlift up to the start. Well..number one-it was $15 to take the ride up as a spectator and number two-um...his name is Jasper and he does NOT do chairlifts..hehehe. So what do you do if the love of your life is riding at the top of a mountain? You run/hike your behind right up the thing!

And so we did....

This is about halfway up..nice tongue Jaspy! We ran where we could and then hiked the rest. It was fantastic and challenging. Jasper very much enjoyed himself. We made it to the top just after Ken started his race (about 45 minutes after beginning our journey).

Now here is where the story starts to take a turn....

Jasper and I watched Ken ride by during his first lap. He was all smiles and looked like he was having a grand 'ole time. We cheered and then went in search of a better vantage point. The second time we saw him, I started to cheer and then realized there was blood all over his face. Didn't quite make it through the cheer. He gave me and interesting look but continued on his way. The third time we saw him, I didn't even try to cheer. I threw out questions like, "Are you okay?" and "Do you need to stop?" Alas, he kept going. All I could think was-Great-he broke his face...AGAIN!

At this point, I knew we needed to start heading down the mountain or we wouldn't make it to the finish. Jasper and I kicked it into high gear and ran 90% of the way down (only stopping to hike where it was too steep to run). We made it to the finish area about 3 minutes before Ken. What can I say, we like to play it close. He finished second in his Expert class....after crashing. He is too good ;-) After looking at him closer, I told him we were going to the medical clinic. He didn't even argue...maybe because there was blood running down the inside of his sunglasses?!

When we got inside this is what he looked like...

Attractive, huh?

He had the awesome task of scrubbing off all of that dried blood. I say OUCH! The people in triage looked at him and after the head nurse came and took a was decided...stitches!

Because I had Jasper, I was not able to go to the back with him (I did sneak back for a minute to check on him when someone offered to hang on to the pooch). Jasper decided the floor of the clinic was too hard and determined that the chairs were a bit more comfortable.

After almost 2 hours, Ken was released and looked like a brand new guy...hehehe...okay maybe not...but at least the holes in his face were closed.

I gave him a tea and a banana and we headed to watch Colin finish his race! I had warned him that Ken had fallen and he had actually seen Ken go through his last lap, so he was not too surprised at the carnage. Of course, true to form, I had to run back the the clinic and grab some forgotten items and by the time I returned, Colin had come through the finish line. Will I ever get to see him?! He did outstanding and even after missing the start of his race...due to delays of their start and the inability of the race people to communicate the start time. He came in 7th...AWESOMENESS!

We stayed just long enough for Ken to pick up his medal (and more importantly his beer mug) and then headed for the truck. After checking out Ken's other injuries....not TOO terrible...and grabbing a sandwich (lunch at 4 anyone?), we got in and headed home.

Originally, we were supposed to head up to Breckenridge to watch Errin play in a sand tournement, but things did not go as planned their either and with Ken's face, we all just decided to head down the mountain.

The evening was filled with pizza, ice cream and a movie on the couch!

Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day....Taking care of Ken (yeah right-he wanted to go to Costco and to texture the ceiling of our bedroom) and another movie night on the couch. Good times!

This is what Ken looks like back at work today....

Still a little swollen, but MUCH better :-)

Hope you had a lovely weekend...and maybe less bloody!


  1. Thank you so much for the pictorial and well written/funny update! Are you longing for and uneventful race? So glad that the "face" and the rest of him are on the mend and that he has bounced ;) back with not too many residual effects. Glad Jasper took it all in stride, too ;-)
    Love you all, lots!

  2. A big Ditto on Rene's comment :-)) Thanks for all the photo's too! Really helps feeling connected. Lot of love:0)