Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No to the free dessert?

Hello hello hello! Hope you are all having a fun-tastic middle of the week.

I just wanted to share a little bit of my yesterday with you....After a fun-filled day at the office, I rushed to church for a meeting, ended up having 2 meetings and then raced back into Boulder to pick Ken up from work. Someone had mentioned that it was Ken's birthday so there was cake at the office. MmmmMmmmm. Thankfully Ken had ridden Flagstaff at lunchtime, so he could afford the extra calories ;-)

We headed home and changed clothes and then left again to go to dinner. Errin, Colin, Ken and I partook in one of my favorites: Rock Bottom Brewery. Y.U.M. It was fantastical! So delicious! At the end of the meal, the waitress offered Ken a free dessert...and he said NO! What?! Where did my husband go? Apparently, he was more interested in the dessert in the freezer at home...Pictures to follow...She did comp our appetizer though which was really sweet.

Here is what he was waiting for....

Hot fudge sundae pie...a little piece of Heaven.

It was my first time making it and I was so thankful Errin was there to lend a helping hand and point me in the right direction!

Here is one more picture of Ken with his favorite dessert...

Cute, huh? I was so full and happy that I just fell right asleep on the couch. What a great birthday for Ken!

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