Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Monday Morning! I hope that you had a FANTASTIC weekend. We sure did!
Friday was filled with work, acupuncture, tuna casserole and a little Dear John movie watching with a side of nail painting. It was super great. Ken worked on packing up his race gear but was able so squeeze in a little chick-flick viewing with us :-)
Saturday morning we were up bright and early to get all of our stuff together and head up to Winter Park. We loaded up into Colin's truck-hello comfort-and enjoyed the lovely trip up the mountain.
Here is a pic of my 2 boys chillin with me in the back seat:
Aren't they cute?! I have more pics from the day that I will work on getting up this week.
We made it in time for Ken to get a nice warm up and us to get a lovely parking spot right by the starting line. At about 10:37 am (a little delayed from what the start should have been) Ken was off. You can see more about the race here: and see the results here:
But here is a little more of the story...
So after Ken set off on the course, Colin spent some time warming up (his race started a little later) and Errin and I hung out by the water station. We were quite entertained by the people attempting to hand water cups to the riders flying by. It was priceless. Jasper met TONS of people. I kept saying that I needed to rent him out to someone single so they could make new "friends." Babe-magnet that one! He LOVED every minute of the day!
We watched the pro-class go by and then some expert class and about 50 minutes after Ken started, I told Errin that maybe I should walk down a little so I could catch Ken and let him know that she had an extra water bottle up ahead for him. Well, as I said that, Errin replied-"Isn't that Ken?" Sure enough, it was him! Five minutes shy of the time it took the pros to come through. He threw me his used water bottle and Errin hit him up with a full one (he was very grateful for that later!). After seeing him, we headed a little bit farther down the course so we could cheer for Colin. He past us quite quickly and stuck his tongue out in the process. Cute ;-)
Errin, Jasper and I headed for the truck to try to make it to the finish line to see Ken. We raced back through town and after a search for parking we literally RAN to the finish line. It was a good thing too because within about 30 seconds of us getting there, Ken came flying through! Our timing was AMAZING! Ken finished in 2 hours and 1 minute. Um...hello speed racer! He did SO good! Not only was his time good enough to win first in his category, it was good enough to have won first in the expert class in his age group. It is hard to be married to someone who is good at everything ;-) Just kidding! After hosing off his bike and changing out of his muddy bike clothes, we hung out to wait for the finish of Colin's race. He made it!! He suffered a bit due to some muscle cramping in his legs (no fun at all!) but awesomely finished his first mountain bike race! YAY GUYS!
We hung out and waited for the awards ceremony (Ken REALLY wanted his medal...hehehe...I think he wanted the beer glass more). It was nice and toasty out and I ended up winning a nice sunburn :-) Okay, it isn't THAT bad! Ken won a raffle prize too. Luckily the T-shirt is a women's small, so I will be sporting that one.
On the way down the mountain, we stopped for some much needed dinner. Beaujos pizza. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! As we continued down the mountain, Jasper proceeded to completely crash-he was sound asleep! Long day for the pup. When we got home, I headed to the store to grab some ice cream. mmmmmm. We all collapsed on the couch and watched/ fell asleep to Cinderella Man. What an amazing Saturday!
By comparison, Sunday was quite quiet. Thank goodness for that! Church, Costco and cleaning. A great relaxing recovery day :-)


  1. Congratulations and what a wonderful area to hang out.

  2. Thank you for making us smile once again!!! ;-)
    We are SO happy for all of you and proud of the productive, busy and wonderful lives you live!
    We love you!
    Mom & Dad