Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Family Run

Sorry...no pictures yet. I stink at getting them from my camera to the computer. I promise, they will be worth the wait.

Last night was super fun. Why, you ask? Ken came running with me and Jaspy! I know...crazy, right? Apparently the end of Mountain Bike race season means some cross training time. Ken is taking between 1-2 weeks off of any bike. I don't really think he knows what to do with himself. I think it will be great for his body to get some rest, while working other muscles. Selfishly, I am really excited to have him run with me :-) He makes me work extra hard (his legs are much longer than mine, so I have to take a lot more steps to keep up).

It was so pleasant out-perfect weather! We ran up and around the lake. Ken had never made the full loop-he had done it out and back style-so Jasper and I showed him our fun way to run. Jasper got to swim, twice! He thought he was in Doggie Heaven. Ken can really throw the stick far out into the water and Jaspy L.O.V.E.S swimming out to get it!

I love the time that Ken and I get to spend together, even if I am focusing more on trying to breathe than talking to him.

When we got home, Errin (she and Colin went out for a jog as well-cross training for everyone!) had started getting stuff ready for dinner. Portuguese Enchiladas=delicious!

After rapidly consuming my dinner (I was famished), I headed to King Sooper's to pick up some essentials for the week. You know, bananas, juice, ICE CREAM. It is the important things in life. If 5:50 on a Saturday morning is my first choice for grocery shopping, 8:30 on a Monday night is my second. There was hardly anyone in the store...LOVE.

Today is a bit of a crazy day. Work, HAIRCUT (it has only been 7 months!?), errand at the Apple store, home to get dinner ready and having Kelly and Zaya (Jasper's BFF) over for dinner!! We are bribing her into helping with paint colors-because she is awesome like that :-)

That's it for now :-)

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