Friday, July 30, 2010

World of Water

Happy Happy Friday everyone! I am STOKED that it is the last day of the week :-) Plus I am super busy today, so that makes it go even faster!

Wednesday recap-because Wednesdays are very exciting in our lives: Ken won his short track race (again) YAY HUSBAND! Colin came in to watch him and then rode his bicycle home (and didn't get rained on-he must have ridden very fast!) and I got to watch Ken and go to an awesome networking event :-) Then, the 3 of us went and watched Errin play some sand volleyball. She did great and got to play with some much better girls! It was very exciting!

Okay....Yesterday...oh what a good day! I woke up at 6 and threw on some running clothes before setting out with Jasper. We ran for about 50 minutes (pretty hard) with a little swim break thrown in there (for him...not me!). When we got home, Ken had made me a bagel and egg! It was so so sweet especially because I was already flipping out about the time and everything I had to get done. What a wonderful husband I have!

When all my chores were done (sounds like I live on a farm, huh?) I headed to Boulder to pick up some kids and meet up to go to Water World. It was a pretty great day. Somehow I had the mom hat on so I had the young middle school girls clinging to me all day. Ken was sweet enough to join us in the afternoon. They were not so much into the big rides, maybe next time I will try those. By the end of the afternoon, we were all exhausted. We all (minus one kid who took a while to locate) made it to the cars on time and headed back to the church. I had to stay and wait because a set of parents were 45 minutes late getting there. Um, hello-we love your kids, but we want to go home too! When I got home Errin had made a fabulous steak dinner...YUMMY...Both her and I were too tired to finish our steak! Water world is very tiring!

After the dishes were done and a much needed shower, I fell into the couch-never to be seen again! Oh, wait, Ken woke me up at 9:20 to go upstairs to bed! Yeah yeah yeah...early, I know! Errin fell asleep too :-P

Work is just about over for the day and then I am off to acupuncture...Yes please!

Tomorrow Ken and Colin are planning on racing up in Winter Park! So excited!! Call if you want updates...he races at 10:00ish and it is over 24 miles I it may be awhile!

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