Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So today seems like a pretty quiet day compared to the last few and few to come. I was planning on riding my bike into work today, but honestly I am just too sore still! Ridiculous!! That hour and a half or so of sand volleyball literally rocked my world. My legs are still trying to remember how to function-not to mention my wrists, shoulders, etc...But alas, I will survive.

I came in with Ken this morning and we got to Boulder about 8...I don't work until 10 on that meant....TARGET! One of my favorite places to browse :-) I had to return a bathing suit anyways ;-) I also visited Bed, bath and beyond. Another good one!

The work day has been pretty slow-Lots of catch-up and paperwork to finish. The NOT fun part of any type of medicine.

After work I have a meeting/dinner for church (Jasper gets to come too!) and Ken is heading out to hang with some work people as well. Because we drove in together, he gets to ride home...hope it isn't dark by then. I also have to get a mini lesson prepared for youth group tomorrow night and do laundry and...oh...sleep :-) Tomorrow is a busy day!

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