Monday, July 19, 2010

a little soreness to start the week?

Hello to another (HOT) week of summer! This weekend was quite toasty...100 ish on Saturday and just below yesterday-fells like I am back in Cali!

This weekend FLEW by! I honestly do not know where the time went. Friday night was kind of exciting. Ken and I hung out and enjoyed some quiet time together (we played scrabble against each other on our iPhones..hehe). After a little time to relax, we went out and attacked the yard. I pulled 2 large piles of weeds while Ken mowed the lawn. The problems began when he plugged in the electric weed eater....bye bye power! And I don't just mean our house...the whole neighborhood went quiet. Now, don't get me wrong, I am sure Ken had nothing to do with the massive outage...but it is funny to speculate. We finished doing what we could in the yard and then went inside. Errin had planned to do Health Mexican food for dinner...but we needed the oven for that. Anything else would have required microwaving, stove top or oven...grilling could have only taken us so far. Luckily, Errin and Colin were nice enough to pick up some Chinese food on the way was DELISH...Perfect Friday food! We ate in the glow of twilight. When I got up to start the dishes, the power came back on! Our night was saved...Ken and I would have gone to bed at 9 had there been no power!

Saturday was a scorcher and where were Ken and I? Oh yeah, building a multipurpose trail. We were in Boulder at 8:30 and headed out with about 15 people to do create a new portion of trail. It was HOT! We spent from about 8:30 to 12:45 digging around in the mountains. It was pretty rewarding (we will have to go ride it when it opens up). Ken was a ROCK STAR and totally dominated. He loves getting dirty ;-) We had to hike in about 3 miles and then 3 miles out, so it ended up being quite the work out.

Once we got done, Ken and I headed to the natural pet store to grab Jasper a birthday present. A nice, messy looking beef bone...mmmmm...He LOVED it and spent a good 25 minutes working on it when we got home. I cannot believe he is 1!! He acts very grown up now ;-) In the spirit of his birthday, we invited some friends over...including their Golden Retriever, Oakley. The 2 dogs had a blast playing the in backyard while the rest of us enjoyed some lovely hamburgers! Soo good! Ken realized, in playing with the 2 and 4 year old boys, that he is not quite ready for kids yet. Better stick with Jasper for a couple more years! They brought Jasper a glow-in-the-dark ball that he absolutely adores! He took it to bed with him that night-just to make sure he didn't lose it :-) He also loved his present from Errin and Colin-a raccoon that you put an empty plastic bottle in to make noise. Jasper things it is a great game to take the bottle OUT of the raccoon! It also has a squeaker...his Heaven!

Sunday Ken and I went to church from about 8:45 to 12:20 ish. It was great to see all of our high school buddies. It is a little strange working at the church because I now get to hear and see all of the behind the scenes happenings. I am a little sad to say that they are not always good. People are hard to please and everyone has something to complain about. It has been quite the eye opening experience. Upon getting home, Ken dove straight into the ceiling project in our bedroom. He is more than 3/4 done and is happy the end is near (at least for the popcorn removal). He plans to texture it and the it gets painted...give me walls any day-I hate painting ceilings!

About 4 we started getting ready to head to Marshall Mesa. Ken, Colin and Errin went mountain biking and Jasper and I went for a run. We ran for about an hour and 20 the heat! We felt very accomplished when we were done! Jasper passed out as soon as we got home and was too tired to finish his dinner. I aim to please :-)

I started watching a film about George Hincapie (cyclist) but had to stop partway through because I just couldn't stay awake-apparently I wore myself out too!

Running again today and riding tomorrow...gotta love summer!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend, lots of love:-))