Friday, July 16, 2010


Howdy! I hope that you are just as excited that it is Friday as I am :-)

It has been a pretty busy couple of days in my world. Wednesday night Jasper and I went over to some friends/co-workers house for a dinner meeting. My favorite kind of meeting is one that involves food! Jasper got to meet Oakley (golden retriever) and they became best friends almost instantly. Jasper LOVED playing with him and being chased around the back yard. We had steak fajitas for dinner...YUM and a berry tart for dessert (note the healthy dessert) mmm mmm mmm...Our "meeting" involved getting to know a young couple who are interested in volunteering with our high school group at church. They are super cool and although they seemed pretty nervous (that cracks me up-I don't know how anyone would be intimidated by me or Mike), they seemed super cool.

Thursday...boy what a day! I dropped Ken off at work at about 7:50 and headed over to the church. I did some computer work and then had a couple meetings and went to pick up supplies with M and J for the night's festivities. At about 12:15 I headed into the office and saw patients and did paperwork until about 5:30. I am super excited for a young woman patient I have...I am really hoping I can do some big things for her. After picking up Ken (good thing we work close, huh?) we headed back to the church to get ready for Olympic night with our youth group. It was a blast (as always) hanging out with the students (middle and high school) and even more fun playing our "events." I have to admit that I DID participate in our swimming event-which included catching a goldfish from a kiddie my mouth. Yup. I am that cool! We rolled out of the church at about 9:45 and went home to crash for the night. Gotta love the long days!

Today we are going to try to take it easy...a normal day of chiropractic work (get to leave at 3!) and hoping to maybe ride my bike when I get home (or run).

Tomorrow Ken and I are helping to build a multi-purpose trail up in the mountains in Boulder. It is going to be from about 8-1 with an estimated outside temperature of 101! We better take a lot of water! And then....we are having a little birthday party for Jasper!!! I cannot believe that my baby is turning 1 tomorrow! Where does the time go?!

Have a great weekend!

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