Wednesday, July 21, 2010

finally getting busy

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Quick recap:

Monday: Jasper and I hit up the Mesa for a 50 minute trail run after work. It was HOT...but was had a lovely time :-) Ken did hill repeats on his road bike and we all met up at the car at 6:20 ish. When we got home, Colin was excited that he had sold his Jeep! And to celebrate...Cheesecake factory in Boulder. He and Errin were sweet enough as to invite Ken and I along. It was a fantastic evening filled with amazing food, patio seating and people watching. Not to mention the fabulous cheesecake slices we took home for dessert! Ken and I split the Banana cream...oh my good! Thanks so much for dinner guys!

Tuesday: Early morning at work meant leaving at 3! Love Tuesdays! What did I do with my time, you ask? Relax? Work out? Nope-ran around like a crazy woman! I picked up Jasper from Spyder and hurried to the post office to pick up a package (addressed to Jasper Benesh-they asked for my ID!). It was a birthday present from my parents and sister-a giraffe! Jaspy LOVES it...loves it....loves it!! He spent the evening carrying it all around the house showing it to everyone-even Milo (the cat). Jasper says thank you very much! I dropped him off at home, found a dog running around the neighborhood-dealt with getting him back to his house (LONG story) and then headed to Costco. I tried my luck at walking into their Optometrist office and was sooo lucky...Not only did she get me in, she was FABULOUS! We chatted like we were best friends! Her husband is a Chiropractor and she road was great. I left with new contacts, a new prescription and the inability to read anything close up...thank you dilated pupils!

When I got home, Ken and I ate some dinner and then headed to a meeting. It was a Student Ministry meeting, so it was super cool that Ken was part of it! After about 2 hours, we headed home again. I adjusted he would be super ready for his Mountain bike short track race today! I am SO excited for it!

Oh...and the title! I have/will have 6-7 new patients within the last 2 weeks! I finally feel like things are starting to pick up which is AWESOME!

I will let you know how Ken does tomorrow :-D

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