Friday, June 11, 2010

sweetest thing

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you are just as excited as me for the weekend!

So...this morning, Ken said the sweetest thing to me. He said that I get better looking every year. Cute, right?! This topic came about from our youth event at church last night. Someone guess my age as 21...I'll take it! I like that people think I am younger than I am (as long as it is look and not actions that lead them to that decision).

As I said, last night we had an event with our middle and high schoolers. It was AWESOMELY MESSY. We had a game that involved fish and eggs (luckily Ken and I were safe from that one) and then we had a flour/spaghetti noodle fight. WOW. Let me tell you how fun it was to clean that out of my hair at 11:00 at night! Thrilling! The bonfire was HUGE and so HOT! All of the kids seemed to have a great time getting together and worshipping God. It was GREAT!

Today I am working and then have acupuncture. I cannot wait! It has been so long and I am in need!

Have a great weekend! We are supposed to get!

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  1. Sweet! Happy weekend to you too! Love the photo's. Lots of fun. What a dog:-))