Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the sun hath returned!

The rain started last Thursday and it is FINALLY over! This morning we awoke to a gorgeous blue sky (after awaking to a very annoying bird before the sun even came up and falling back to sleep!). I LOVE mornings like this! Crisp, clear and 58 degrees...PERFECT.

I am a little annoyed with some things at work. I hate when you expect some things to be a certain (correct) way and then they just aren't. Makes for an awesome day!

But, alas, I digress...this weekend was, well, rainy. Ken built Errin's bike (it is super sweet!) and I did what I do best...clean :-) We also went to the happiest place on Earth....COSTCO! That always makes for rainy day fun.

We really didn't get to be outside very much. I took Jasper for a run Sunday evening. We went to the dog park and he made lots of new friends. Luckily, we managed to only get drizzled on a couple times. I love Jasper in the rain. He looks up at me as if to say, "What is this stuff falling on me, we are not in the shower!"

Yesterday we went to a High School baseball game. The sun was beginning to peak through the clouds and I LOVED that! Jasper got to come and watch too! Typically I love sports...but I think that baseball is not my thing. Yes, it is the American past time....but not mine. It was great to watch I.F. pitch and he did a wonderful job, but that was about all that kept my attention.

Today we are taking advantage of the sun. After work Ken will be out on his road bike and I will be trail running with Jasper. Should be awesome!

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