Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There is a my car!

Good morning/ afternoon everyone...

Today we will be talking a little bit about our Judicial System because yesterday I had JURY DUTY. Fun Fun Fun!

Yesterday morning I got to the Adam's County Court at about 8:00 (they said 8:15, but I like to be a little early to new places). The court itself was very nice and clean (plus plus), but it was kind of in the middle of NOWHERE. I guess it didn't really matter, seeing as I didn't leave the premises. At about 9 my name was called-great-I was selected to a group. They told us that there was a case finishing up from yesterday, so jury selection would start at 10:30. Let me set the stage a little for you... I work in an office with one other doctor who just happens to be leaving for South Africa on Thursday...and I am treating his patients while he is gone (as well as my own). SOOOO getting on a case that would last more than a day would be a bit of a problem.

Alas, 10:40 came around and we were told we got pushed back to 11:30. At this point I took the opportunity to venture around the building and sit outside in the warmth of the sun (which lasted about 10 minutes due to the intense wind-boo). At 11:30 we were dismissed for lunch for an hour. Great again-more waiting. We were also told that our case was GOING to be a one day case, but most likely (because of all of the delays) it would go into tomorrow (today). Um...another day of not treating patients...hmmmm. At 12:40 they told us that we would definitely be heading upstairs at 1:10 to start the process. At 1:15 we headed upstairs FINALLY!!! Let me just say, I finished the book I had taken with me and read through 7 magazines...hello BORED! Once upstairs, we waited in a hallway for another hour. Great times 3! At this point, all of us were getting a little anxious and annoyed. We were taken into the courtroom and addressed by the Judge. He apologized for wasting our time and said that because it was so late, our case would not be starting that day! SOOOOO (praying we are done) he told us that we would all be dismissed and had the next year off from our civic duty! We got to go HOME! What a waste of 7 hours of my life!!!

I got home, went for a fast 40 minute run (in the wind), showered and made Ken some dinner. When he got home from work, he quickly ate and we headed to DIA. Yup, that is right...Ken left! He headed to Wyoming for the rest of the week and I will pick him back up on Sunday night.

I raced home to get some food ready because Kelly was coming over for dinner with Zaya. When she got there, the 2 dogs had a BLAST chasing each other around the house! Kelly and I ate some yummy dinner and then watched The Biggest Loser (LOVE IT!). It wa SO much fun to have a girlfriend to hang out with and...get this...she is helping me to figure out what to do with my bedroom decorating! After it was over, Kelly headed home and Jasper and I got ready for bed. He was SOOO sad that Ken was gone-he searched all over the house and even in the backyard. Neither of us slept well-mostly because he kept waking me up. Finally I just stuck him in the bed with me and that was that.

Today Jasper is in the car chilling (I have taken him on 2 walks thus far). And then I will be dropping him off at home before racing to babysit. Boy is it going to be a crazy day!!

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