Tuesday, May 25, 2010

..cricket cricket..

Sorry about the hiatus-things have been super busy! So lets see...what has been exciting since the last time I posted...

*I finished up my last week of alone time at the office. It was a lot of fun treating so many people! It was crazy hectic, but relaxed at the same time-funny how that works.

*I started doing some work with the church and officially start the first of June! I am soooo excited for that! I went to a local high school and spent an hour hanging out with some kids from church and meeting their school friends. Yes, I did get mistaken for a senior in high school...wow!

*I have been riding a lot more-with Errin and Colin. It is quite the learning experience to ride WITH people. Ken and I typically are not together, so I am learning what signs to make and how fast to go...it has been awesome!

*Ken left us this weekend to go on a dirt bike trip in Western Colorado. He had some "drama" with his bike getting ready for the trip, but luckily it did well once he got out there! I missed him a lot, but luckily I had Errin and Colin to hang out with while he was gone! Unfortunately he came back with a cold that I am fighting VERY hard not to get :-/

*We have been eating new and exciting foods...with Errin around (she is much more creative than I am) we have had homemade taquitos, summer rolls, taco salad....and many more exciting dishes) YUM!

*Jasper has been to the dog part, twice. He LOVES it. He has to run around and meet every dog there and then he has to greet everyone that comes in after us. He got to play with a Husky yesterday and they had a blast running around. A lot of people ask me what kind of dog he is and one little girl told me he looks like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. He never wants to leave.

*I am off work tomorrow (third Wednesday in a row) and am THRILLED. It will be nice to have a day to play catch up at home (and go riding).

*And...dun dun dun...best of all....we are going to Wyoming Friday and staying for the whole week! BAM! We can't wait :-D

I have been a total picture slacker, but will work really hard to post some this week!

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