Monday, May 3, 2010

Can't wait to run...


I actually found myself saying the I LIKE Mondays today-you know-you still have that weekend "high". I am very excited for this afternoon because I am going trail running with Jasper :-D I see blue skies outside so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Friday was tons of fun at Children's Day...minus the freezing cold and unexpected SNOW STORM! Okay, it was more like light hail but still! BRRRRRR. Friday night I watched Ken and 19 others fence their little hearts out. He looked so cute in his little while jacket and sword. We had so much fun with the high schoolers. They are super wonderful.

Saturday we had NOTHING on our schedule! *SIGH* Finally! We spent the day cleaning up the house and riding. Ken went out for just over 2 hours and I went for 1.5 hours. The computer on my bike was having a bad day-so I don't know how far I rode, but it was pretty great. For dinner...Ken took me on a DATE! When he told me last week he was going to take me out I actually got tears in my eyes! Sappy I know! We went to Red Lobster-somewhere I have not been in at least a decade! It was great-we ate tons of shrimp and were completely happy to crash on the couch and partake in a little Sherlock Holmes. Little bit dark but kept our attention. (I didn't even fall asleep!!!!)

Sunday we chose to skip the first service at church. The series is on parenthood and Ken and I are just not quite ready to talk about that yet ;-) After a delicious waffle breakfast, Ken and Jasper went on a bike ride and I did the grocery shopping. Gotta love 8:30-nobody was out! The list was a bit short this week because SOMEONE (whispers Ken under breath) is going out of town tomorrow night. Yup-Ken is OUTTA HERE! He is headed to Wyoming to spend 4ish days with his parents getting stuff finished up in the basement and enjoying his mother's fabulous cooking....*jealous some* So, Jasper and I are to fend for ourselves this week/end.

I am pretty excited because I am having a girlfriend over for dinner after I drop Ken off at the airport tomorrow! Kelly is going to bring Zaya over and we will enjoy some
Even though Ken is going to be gone (and we will be devastated), it is going to be a busy week: Tuesday-Dinner, Wednesday-Babysitting, Thursday-Boss leaves for South Africa, late night at work and high school group, Friday-Freedom (and a lot of cleaning for some "house guests")-More on that later.

Corned beef in the slow cooker for dinner-my tummy is already requesting it! Counting down to my trail run!

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