Monday, April 26, 2010

Too much Monday

Hope y'all had a lovely weekend! I know I did :-)

Friday night I had my sleepover...well 3 out of the 4 girls bailed and the one who said she was not going to be able to come...came. Gotta love it. So Ken and I spent the evening with Tricia (the other leader) and Sierra-a WONDERFUL freshman. We had a BLAST. We made build-your-own -pizzas and then indulged in some ice cream while watching A Walk to Remember. Yup-Ken watched it with us. It was so much fun.

Saturday morning I made waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. Delish! Our guests had to leave about 9 so it was a good thing we went to bed at 11ish the night before. Jasper just adored having them over. He LOVES company!! After they left, Ken and I went and ran some errands. We just happened to find some pretty paint, so I just happened to paint the bedroom in the basement. Love it! After a quick dinner and scrubbing the paint off of me, Ken and I set out for Kelly and Erik's housewarming party. We had so much fun hanging out with people our own age (it doesn't happen that often). Their house is GORGEOUS. Now I want her to come and decorate my house! We got to bed for the third night in a row after 11:00. I really think that is a record for us.

Sunday we couldn't quite make it to the 8:45 service at church, but we managed to get to the high school group. It was wonderful as always. When we got home we ate some lunch and then Jasper and I headed out for a 40 minute run while Ken went riding. I would have liked to run longer, but I needed to get home so I could make it to babysitting on time. As it was, I ended up going over in my sweaty workout clothes...oops! I hung out with Maya from 2-5 then went grocery the rain-boo! When I made it home, Ken and I made burgers for dinner...mmmmm...and then spent the rest of the evening cleaning up and getting ready for the week.

This morning-wow do I have a good story! So my car is keyless-I have a key, but it just has to be in my purse for the car to turn on. Well, this morning Ken dropped me off and apparently forgot his key. FAIL! So he made it to a light and when he stopped the car shut off. I got a frantic phone call telling me he didn't have a key and was stuck at an intersection. UH OH!! I told him I would run it to him and I did. I sprinted through parking lots and over rock beds and jumped some puddles and what did I see as I came around the corner? Jasper in the drivers seat of the car, flashers on stuck at the light and NO KEN! I jumped into the car and went through the intersection as Ken called me asking where I was. Duh-I'm in the car driving it!! Where are you?! He had ridden his bike back to my office to grab the key. Oops! We missed each other. He didn't think I could make it to the car that fast. I guess all of my running has paid off! We met up and all was fixed. Needless to say-it was an exciting morning.

Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!


  1. i so wish i had been a fly on the wall in the car :) jasper probably thought that was hilarious ;)

  2. I think I scared him with my entrance into the car-he was shaking a little. oops ;-)