Friday, April 23, 2010

Come rain or snow...or both?!

Good afternoon and HAPPY FRIDAY!

So, last night I had a BLAST at the play (Jane Eyre). I loved the book and the play was just as good. Boy are those kids talented! I didn't make it home until about 11...that is WAY past my bed time by the way. Ken was already half asleep before I crawled into bed. WOWZERS.

Today Craig is out of the office so I am getting to treat his patients. There was only one that I was nervous about, but apparently it went pretty well. *Wiping sweat off brow* I also got to treat one of our high school boys...on his BIRTHDAY. It was pretty great :-) I love the muscle work aspect of Chiropractic and feel like it kinda gets neglected a little-none of the patients complained about that added bonus today ;-)

I am very excited about tonight because it is SLEEPOVER night! Some of the girls in my small group are coming over to hang out and watch a movie and just have some fun. Ken has promised to wait on us as much as our hearts desire...snicker snicker. But really I am just excited it is the weekend. I cherish every moment I get to spend at home hanging out with my boys! my title...this morning it was very rainy-dark, gloomy-alright I can deal with that...April showers and all-but then it turned into SNOW. What?! I thought we escaped that. It is almost May after all. Luckily the snow has ceased and now it is back to a constant drizzle. Nice.

Workout plan for the night: lift hand of popcorn to mouth...sounds good! I will make sure to get in a good one tomorrow!

Can't wait to share the fun-ness of my weekend. Hope yours goes well too!!

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