Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay-so don't kill me because I don't have pictures yet....but today I had about 4 inches of hair cut off! I know..I didn't even think I had that much to lose. To be honest, it is a little shorter than I was planning on but it ended up being really cute and much more manageable come summer.

I have never been a super girly girl. While I wear makeup and do my hair (kinda) I have just never gotten overly into it. I like to look nice, but I like looking nice to take about 10 minutes-not an hour. I have WAY too many other things going on without having to worry about whether or not I have time to blow dry, straighten and then curl my hair. I use these amazing products called Shampoo and Conditioner and rarely add anything else. Maybe I should :-/ Here in Colorado my hair has some new tendencies. In southern Cali I pretty much hopped out of the shower and half dried my hair before moving on with life. Colorado has this AMAZING (sarcasm) thing called STATIC. It does not matter if I use the blow dryer, the straightener or the curing iron, halfway through the day my hair wants to grab on to whatever I am standing next to. Help!! What do I need to do to stop it from doing this?? I am a little tired of the noon-time ponytail! Sorry for the rant...

This morning Jasper and I went for a lovely walk. Lovely because he was off-leash for most of it and not pulling on me and lovely because he made a new friend, Deuce. Deuce (interesting name choice) is an overweight super light colored yellow lab and BOY did he like Jasper. The two spent about 15 minutes running circles around each other-okay-Jasper ran around him-Deuce doesn't move very fast. And, apparently, boy dogs like to "mount" Jasper-I wonder if something went wrong with his neutering?? Did they add something girly?!?! Jaspy was a bit confused as to what was going on and, in the end, decided the safest bet would be to just run faster.

Now it is time for my long night at work. I love the mornings on 1-7 pm Thursdays, but I am not the hugest fan of the evenings. Don't get me wrong-it is not the work that bothers me, I am just jealous of Ken getting home before me and cuddling on the couch with our sweet boy! No small group tonight seeing as all the high schoolers are enjoying SPRING BREAK....*jealous*

Pics to come...later :-)

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