Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So we have all made it to the halfway point of the week. Hooray for that, yeah? Half of me LOVES Wednesdays...the other half wonders why it is not Friday yet!!

Yesterday afternoon I!!!! I know, super super super exciting. I went out for a nice loop that my trainer (aka: Ken) suggested. It took about 45 minutes and included a nice climb-my favorite!!! My goal is to make it to the top of left-hand canyon this summer...easily. No huffing or puffing, just solid riding. We'll see how that goes. I have this goal to get into SUPER shape. I would LOVE to fit into my pre-marriage jeans!! I don't want to be whiny-I know I shouldn't complain-but those 8 pounds would be really, really nice to get rid of!

After my ride I decided to make a pizza. It was delicious. Ken had his heart set on prime rib leftovers so he will partake in the pizza-ness tonight while I am babysitting-6:30-9:30 tonight-Hope I can stay awake!! After dinner I watched Biggest Loser (love that show) while I made a carrot cake for Ken to take to work today (Irony?). I was a little (okay-tremendously) irritated that it fell while baking?!?! I really wanted to start over and make a new one, but Ken wouldn't let me! I have used the awesome recipe 4 times (the first 3 were magnificent) but for some reason the stars didn't align correctly and the cakes collapsed! On a brighter note, it apparently still tasted fantastic-phew! This afternoon Ken is riding with his buddy, Taylor and then riding home after. Lucky him, huh??

In Jasper news, wow is he crazy. Vizslas are known for their and Jasper does not disappoint. Ken took him out yesterday on his bike. Jasper ran next to him and behind them and then, apparently, they RACED!! Ken says he can beat Jasper, I say give it a few more months ;-)
Last night, Jasper decided to pounce our bed. I don't mind when he comes in to cuddle and warm up-but stepping on my face is another story!! I wish I was awake enough to yell at him-I just pushed him at Ken...sorry! Later he joined us to snuggle and again this morning, he wanted nothing to do with getting out of bed. Spoiled brat!

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  1. Left-hand canyon is awesome. I'd be happy if I could walk to the top:-)) And yes the carrot cake is wonderful!