Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March snowstorms bring April...flooding?

Good Hump Day Morning!

I hope everyone is waking up to some nice weather. As for me-I woke up to MANY inches of snow! Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day (at least in the beginning). Work was fine-nothing too exciting. But leaving work-that was a different story. On Tuesdays I babysit a super fun two and a half year old. Well...I left work at 4:40 and picked Ken up at 4:45. We then proceeded to sit in traffic and a massive blizzard going about ZERO miles an hour (or maybe like 5 or something) for an hour and a quarter before making it the 15 miles or so to her house-needless to say-I was quite late! But being Colorado-everyone understands these awesomely huge snow storms-thank goodness!! Really-I have never been out in anything like what we had last night. Snow just kept falling, kept blowing and caused cars to slide around everywhere.

Babysitting kind of makes for a long day (about 14 hours away from home), but I really enjoy the time to goof off and be silly with my mini-friend. She is very smart and aside from the repetitive movie sounds in the background we always find fun things to do. I am now very proficient at putting together puzzles with 20 pieces :-)

Ken braved the storm to come back and pick me up last night. I was so happy he was the one driving think I might not have made it home! When I ran out to his car I ended up with a lot of snow in my shoes-BAD day for non-boot shoes! Alas, we finally made it home and enjoyed a yummy spaghetti dinner that Ken had prepared. I looked at the dishes and decided that they would still be there to do today-so we crashed on the couch before heading to bed.

Ken had the pleasure of shoveling the driveway this morning and Jasper made sure he was right there to help. He loves when Ken throws shovels of snow at him. Strange animal I think. We headed to work expecting a LONG commute. N.o.p.e. The roads were slick but it appeared NO ONE decided to go to work today (and I guess all of the schools being closed helped too)! We didn't have any traffic :-) I took some pics and will post them later. While we were driving in we saw about 15 cars off on the sides of the highway-causalities from last night apparently. Tow trucks were out in FULL FORCE-we even saw a tow truck pulling a truck the wrong direction on the freeway. Not something you see everyday! We made it to work early and am now enjoying watching the beautiful snow melt away into giant puddles-It really is pretty!!

Before I go about my work-Happy Birthday Dad and Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!!! Enjoy your lovely California weather today!! Love you!

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