Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fog with a chance of SUNSHINE!

So I guess I missed Saturday :-/ I will give you the cliff notes version...

Yesterday Jasper and I spent the morning cleaning the house, doing dishes, cleaning up the backyard (thanks for that Jaspy) and cleaning out my carpet cleaner (so I could clean the carpets-go figure). It was absolutely GORGEOUS outside-mid-50s and super sunny! Jasper spent most of our "cleaning" time out playing in the sun. You would never guess he had surgery Friday-he has not slowed down one bit.
Here are some pics of Jasper helping...

okay-he CAN be a little ugly sometimes...

Ken went for a super long group ride in the morning-73 miles...WOW!! I don't even like to drive my car that far!! When he got home we hung out for about an hour and then I headed out to meet a family that wants me to babysit for them. Well....after waiting for 40 minutes and calling them several times I gave up and went grocery shopping. After unpacking everything into the kitchen I made (with Ken's help on the BBQ) chicken with fresh string beans and french bread. Yum! Because we gave up ice cream for lent and I have not had a chance to bake this weekend-we had gummy worms for dessert-classy huh? Ken gets lucky because I can only eat the green/yellow ones (no red dye for me!).

So next weekend is Ken and my first anniversary!! We can hardly believe it has been a year. He was so sweet last night and gave me my present early! OMG-soooo cute-check out these awesome riding shades!!

We watched The Time Traveler's Wife and cuddled on the couch (awe!). I thought the movie was pretty cute. It was slow in a couple of places, but overall it was a neat plot. At about 10:40 we headed to the airport to pick up Errin's (Ken's sister) boyfriend and his brother. Their dad was in a terrible go-kart (like super-speed-for-real-go-kart) accident last summer and is not doing well at this point :-( Keep their family in your prayers if you would! We got home about 1 and crashed.

Jasper let us sleep in until about 6:30 this morning and then cuddled in bed with us until about 7:30! It was nice to just lay there in the quiet with my 2 boys! We had an oven-baked pancake with turkey bacon and lots of coffee! While I was getting breakfast ready, I also made the sauce for Portuguese enchiladas!!! It has been in the slow cooker all day and is making the house smell AMAZING! I can't wait until dinner!!

Church was a lot of fun. We got to hang out not only with our high schoolers today-but their parents too! So good!

I am sooo excited that it sounds like my parents are going to make it out here next weekend. I have not seen them since August and they have not seen my house or met Jasper yet!! I cant wait for that!!!
I have about an hour before I babysit from 3-6. Wish me luck ;-)

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